Friday, 13 April 2007

Bolehills Sessions Underway!

Ning Ning ning!

The first official session at Bolehills went down yesterday and it was awesome!

All the locals yoots were in attendance, plus the Sheffield-wide famous Oliver Cooper.. You may know of him? Warren dusted the cob-webs off his Aitken to come and session and looked as though he has never been away. Alec was back in town ad looked stylish through the 1st straight, Ally was nailing the 1st straight with new found confidence, the German was their showing off his shiny new Commencal, the flash git. He looked as though he had more room than on his Orange, and he looked like he was having fun!
Mooonbaay was in the place and his knee looked a lot better and he had the BMX smile back on his face.

Paddy was off buying a pram. Perhaps.
Bauer, Dad at 15 was looking fast as always, even went home for a little spritz between sprints. He learnt everything from me that lad.. Apart from young fatherhood at an early age of course.

Membership forms were flying out my bag like hot cakes, everyone wants a piece of Bolehills.. And so do you - Don't deny it!

Every Thursday from now until the gloom sets back in we will be there represnting. Come say hello, and have a little ride!

My ankle gave me some grief, but you can't keep a good man down!

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Wazza said...

Awesome session bro. Its so good to be riding the hills in the nice warm air again.