Friday, 29 August 2008

A fresh lick of paint...

Man, i gotsta keep on top of this thing, i've slipped recently, sorry! Since i last wrote, the Brits have been and gone, i've become a fully qualified first aider and my bike has had a full respray and service and is running like a dream!

The Brits went ok, I won my first 2 motos with ease and had a lot of fun out there at the same time, moto 3 i got banged about a bit and ended up finishing 5th in the end, but the 7 points got me a spot in the semi quite easily.

I got a tough semi and had 4th pick, Flem, Daz and Lee Baker took their gates and all left 1 free, so i slipped in there, big mistake! I planned on maybe pulling Flem in 2 and pulling over, sadly I got the worst gate of the day and was lagging, rather than falling in behind, Flem pushed me out, I think he was feeling the pressure from Daz and Baker on his outside. I jumped the step up and triple as far as the white line, and it was too tight for me to come back from, i tried sticking a move on Andrews in the final turn, but it was reminiscent of Reades last ditch attempt on Anne Caro at the Olympics, and there was no bang in the buck. That was that - Mortified, but only for a short while as the HCH crew, Paddy and Moonbaay, Steve and Mrs Taylor soon bought me back with plenty of laughs, love them guys!

Anyway this week was a couple of XC rides, a little road bike and plenty of spraying of the BMX - it looks sick - check it out! I'm proper stoked on it, my first spray job and all bar a few shady areas, its not so bad!

BMX, friends and big beats this weekend for the pleasure!


Northern Monkey said...

An update....Deeeeyaammmm! I thought you'd lost the blog love and was handing the title over to a more worthy playa...;)

leccyt said...

Looks sick bro!