Monday, 1 September 2008

Where My Summer At?!

This weather is WEAK! I'm well over it!

The weekend was good, however. Friday night I hit the tiles with Will and the lovely Lucy, she is but 19 years of age, and celebrated in style with Will, Greg, the Apple crowd and a bunch of others, it was good fun, but I wanted to ride my bike so took it steady and headed back much earlier than the hardcore yoots!

I got up early Saturday and headed over to Derby, there was a low key coaching session going on which I helped out a little. Very little. And did a load of gates and hit all the jumps, it was a good session and i'm pumped to race on the track this coming weekend, a full lap of this bad boy is no joke! After we'd ridden for a bit we headed over to Jay Alianos - Oh mumma..

A private set of trails in the backyard, absolutely amazing. This would be my dream set up, along with a little gym, a garage, and a sprint straight with a 2 man pro gate.. The house could be a piece of shit if i had that!

We got there pretty late and missed out on the vibe, but it was cool to catch the last bits of the session, it was awesome, plus the weather was amazing, the sun shines on the righteous. Stay Strong Stephen.

That night there was an after party vibe in Worcester which was a lot of fun, a live band and then a drum and bass DJ set which Gunner and NW9 ripped up - MACHETE!

Heavy stuff, and it was good to rave it up a little bit too! Lauren, myself and the Yearsley were vibing and gym-loving-party-killer-Oliver was all over it too, mint! All up in the place were the Norwich/Ipswich guys, Joey, Scoobs and the Trickster, good to see them guys letting their hair down and throwing shapes. A really good night for sure! We snuck back into the hotel quite late and hit the sack, 4 to a twin room and blagging free breakfast - sweet!

The weather on Sunday was pretty grim, so trails was off, instead we headed to Wrexham pump track and shredded there for almost 3 hours, that place is so much fun! Then we went to Crewe, it wasn't running as nice as my last visit and i felt a little shady so didn't hit the triple this time around, dang. Next time i gotsta get back on it.

Back to Earth, and back to work today which is rubbish, this week I got some maintenance at the Bolehills tonight, followed by a filming session tomorrow night - get yourselves up there, it'll be going off! A heavy training session at Derby on Wednesday and then corner practise with Cornering God Steve Taylor on Thursday - it's all going off!


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