Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Olympic Fever!

I love the Olympics and i've been fully enthralwed by it all, this year more than most due to BMX making its debut. I watched it this morning in awe. It was so well done, the track looked amazing, the riders looked professional and factory, I think any one doubting BMX being in the games will have garnished their hats and devoured them in whole. It was awesome, and the best is yet to come.

Liam Philips is out, but we all knew that anyway, but other big names not making it to the semis included Allier and Prokop, it ain't easy out there, and there is no filler. I thought Liam did well being first down the hill in the time trials, in its debut in the Olympic games, a moment of history, and he pulled it off.

Shanaze looked good on the tele and seemed positive after her 2nd time trial. I'm sure she'll do grand.

In my life things have been pretty good, ridden a load even with the bad weather, done some road rides an XC ride at Cannock which was pretty good, and i hit the peaks last night with Big W on a tough loop that i didn't think i'd do that well around on my 4X bike, but it went smoothly, went over the bars twice on blackamoor, didn't hurt though just really frustrating. It's super tight and tech in there.

Rode my BMX a bit, done some core work and hit some sprint sessions i'm feeling pretty good right now, and with the British Championships this weekend at Peterborough it couldn't come at a better time. I've also put the clips back on, I hope they serve me well on that flat slag of a first straight!

Inspired by the Olympics and Usain (Usain in the membrane, Usain in the brain!) Bolt, what a legend, along with Phelps, and the British medal winners, its given me a drive that i had lost after China to get back on it, be positive and attack everything with commitment and vigour.

See ya'll!

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