Thursday, 12 April 2007


Was a wicked long weekend just gone! Lauren came and stayed, we rode our bikes all day friday (after snapping my chain on thursday night at Mansfield gates i was happy again!). We then had the first BBQ of the year that evening. We had a load of our buddies round, the meat was cooking, the salad bowl was huge and the beer was flowing - was a treat!

Saturday we rode Mansfield with my new chain, was awesome, they even had the gate system up and running so i was snapping a bit too! Boosh!

We then travelled down to London to stop at the rents who are living it up in the Galapagos islands, the lucky buggers. Not a great deal happened Saturday night, Lauren and I had a awesome tea and an early night for the race on the Sunday.

Hayes was mint! Awesome weather and i love the vibe the guys in the South Region put on, this was also a super-regional, so there was almost 250 riders present - mint atmosphere! A big BBQ, banners everywhere, good music, sponsorship - Ace!

I felt good and was riding strong, but i had 2 incredibly tough motos and got banged about a bit, i needed a win in moto 3 to transfer to the semi - and i got it! I pulled a tough semi (the other wasn't much better) there was a deep talent pool present at the race, and what with the combined 19+ and elite class, it was stacked! I managed a 6th and out to the B-Final!

Boo hiss.

The B final was still pretty stacked, big riders like Jonnie Roberts, Matt Allen and the superfast for '07 Shaun Andrews. I pulled lane 5 which was nice, i got a mint snap and pulled down the 1st straight, the only one to jump the Himalayas on the 1st straight and the pump off the backsides of those badboys was incredible! I flew out in front and managed to win it. So out of 31 riders on the day i secured a decent enough 9th.

A great weekend, awesome weather, got to see loads of my buddies and got loads of riding done!

Can't wait for MK!!

Photo Credit - Steve Bodey! :)