Monday, 22 October 2007

Peterborough & Roundup of Autumn National series!

Good long weekend for me, a road ride Friday clocking up plenty miles on dem Essex smooth roads, good fun. Went out and saw my buddies friday night had a few beers and had a good old laugh, when i get together with them guys it never fails to be a good time! Saturday i hung out with the rents, saw my brother and caught up with things, then my mum and dad went off to the Maldives. Lucky buggers, they saw a bat. In the daylight. It was the size of Frank. Apparently.

Talking of Frank, he's reeto, the little bugger, i went home to see my old buddy as he was knocking at deaths door (like he has several times over the last 2 years) but as if by magic (albeit predictabe magic) he comes back healthy and bouncy again, although he sometimes does curl one out without realising it. eak.

Good old boy.

Rode at Dagenham for a couple of hours with the cool ghetto yoots, i like Daggers, but only for an hour, then it just gets a bit boring.. Oh, how it could have been!

Hit the casino saturday night with my mandems, was funny, but i didn't lay anything down, i'm far too cursed to gamble my money away.

Sunday morning i got up, well i was woke up at 6am by my lairy sister getting in from Fabric.. Sheesh.. The morning of a race - have they no respect?! So i was up, just hung with Frank and had breakfast, loaded the van and headed over.

I'll keep it brief, Peterborough is a hard track, not technically but physically it is punishing, so with that in mind, i decided after 5 hours sleep, a 90 minute van journey and not a great deal of food to go by, to race 2 classes. Ouchie.

I did alright getting a 2 1 2 in my 20-25 motos, and something, something, something in the pro-open, there was 8 of us, so we decided rather than nail ourselves we'll take it steady and just hammer the final, and have some fun in the motos.

So i made the main in 20-25, got lane 1, moved over nicely and got a good line into the 1st turn Dan Whyte lead it from start to finish (enjoy L.A youth!) i was in 4th but poor old Tuffy, lad was pooped, he blew the last straight and i passed him to get 3rd behind Dan and Alan Hill, so i managed 2nd overall for the entire series, which was a touch. With Tuffy in 1.

Pro open i got the gate of my life and was leading that badboy elbow banging with Cal on my inside but i didn't back down i held him off and got into turn one in front of him, but Alan Hill laid it down and pulled ahead it was toight like a toiger then out of nowhere Brad Watts snuck right on the inside a ballsy moved that shut a lot of us out, i had to roll the big doubles, my race was over - Dang! Oh well. Props to brad, young up and comer with the will to win.

Props to Billy Luckhurst, nailed his class, improving al the time, MC emo didn't race.. Hate the game, not the player.

Goodbye to the Crowthers, an awesome family off to Oz, all the best and have an amazing time, reserve me a spot in your yard in 2009 for the Australia worlds! :)

After a good meal with Lauren I headed back to Sheffield - I was exhausted!

A good weekend, saw a lot of my good friends, old and new, good banter with the Goldcoast crew as per normal, drama on and off the track, good weather, road bikes, BMX, nice cold beers and good food. Nice one.

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Boota said...

Your pro career is goin' off bruv! Props!