Monday, 8 October 2007

Scream If You Want To Go Faster!

This weeekend was a treat, a massive riding day Saturday which consisted of 3 hours or so at Rotherham with all the Rotherham locals, Lauren and the Norwich lot, Joey G, Tim, Stevie Williams and honourary northerner Ben Forwood.. A really good session and a lot of fun, I love riding with the Norwich lot, an awesome bunch of people with great attitudes and some of the driest humour you'll ever find. I was laughing all day long!

I had to head over to Chesterfield later in the afternoon to pick up London Lad Terry Green as he was crashing at 51JR overnight and racing the Autumn National on Sunday, i got to Chesterfield with the plan to pick up Terry and head back to Sheffield way to ride the new Barnsley track, which requires little effort for maximum fun!

On arrival however, i was greeted by Dave Ives, Speedy Ready FAF, Terry, a few of the Rotherham guys, Tuffy, Chad and a bunch of other racer dudes, so ended up sticking round and riding there for 2 hours - it was mint.. Random gates, good banter, OJ phtography and Tuffy busting out the backflips. It was a mint afternoon! Dave Ives won in the highest wheel comp, Daz Reidy won in the old school king of dirt and Terry won the new school KOD with his Tel-bles and MX's. I fitted in somewhere between, OJ is going to send through some snaps so i'll get them up when he does, he packs some skills with the photo-box!

Saturday night Terry stopped over we had a good tea, and then headed in to town with Alec and Joe Himself came and met us later on and we had a good laugh, a few beers and it was just what i needed! We then went to Bar One for an hour and i just chilled it, but Terry got loose on the Snakebites - haha! He loves a mash up! Alec on the red wine (?!) and looking dope in his 80's-esque beanie hat rolling strong!

Sunday morning, poached eggs on toast, juice, tea and some cereal I was pumped - no wind, blue skies it was looking to be an awesome day! We loaded up the van and headed to Chessy.

I raced 2 classes the 16+ Pro open and 20-25 Expert, a tenner to race both which is fantastic value. Numbers were up on Preston and there were some heavy hitters, Tuffy bros. inc. Chris Jackson, Alan Hill, Dan Whyte, Callum Strickland, James Chadwick, Rich Townsend, Alix Deakin to name a few. Wan was there too with a much improved first straight he is super confident and has a winning attitude, i think he could go far! The Butchers were there again, always a pleasure, Scott Dick with Princess Elise, but no Ryan or Alex, i thought they'd be well up for it! :( Some riders from the South West and all the usual suspects, it was a good turn out and music laid on by the G.Y.P.O crew meant a really good vibe! I remember walking back up to the hill after having a fun practise lap, thinking, "man, i'm so stoked to be here today!"

Racing got under way and i ended up having pretty good motos, making it into the main comfortable in 20-25 but with a 4 3 3 in the Pro open i wasn't sitting as pretty, i managed to make it into the main but ended up with 7th pick on the gate.

So lane 7 it was Deakin inside of me andrew Tuffs, the man with nothing to lose on my outside.. I got a good gate and pulled over on Deaks i got an alright 1st straight but i was getting pulled, i ended up in the 1st turn laying in 5th.. Action Jackson got a little bit loose over the doubles on the second straight and managed to hold up Hillybag i snuck on the inside and held my line to take 3rd in the money back class, pretty stoked with that result! I walked away with £24 for me efforts, so a free days racing! :)

In the 20-25 class i got 6th pick and took lane 6.. I got a better gate and was pulling down the 1st straight Dan Whyte was ahead of Tuffy and thought he'd closed all the doors, but Dan couldn't be all over the turn at once and Tuffy only needs the smallest of gaps, he ran him up and over and took the lead position this let me into 2nd i held my line and followed Tuffy home for 2nd with Hilly in 3rd and Jackson in 4th.. Stoked with that! And a 2nd place trophy for my efforts!

So an awesome day, great weather, Chesterfield did a great job, it was one of the best races this year for sure. Really good to see everyone there and i'm looking forward to Peterborough in 2 weeks time!


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