Monday, 21 January 2008

BMX Action!

Had a rad weekend filled with BMX action, friends, banter and good times!

Saturday we organised a bit of work party at the Bolehills, I got there early with my main man Pete and Lauren (thanks!) and we got down to the nitty gritty and started widening the straights out again ready for a big resurface and change up that we'll hopefully be having very soon. We were there for about 6 hours and in the last hour we dropped the spades and laid it out and had a mint session, Bolehills was a hive of activity and i was stoked to be there. There is always such a cool vibe at the hills and this weekend was no exceptions thanks to everyone that helped, TGN guys, Paddy, Tuffy, Alec, Warren and Devan, other SDS regulars and anyone that popped along and picked up a spade, much appreciated!

Saturday night there was a little bash at the Workstation in Sheffield for Blair Witch Si's birthday, was a pretty chilled affair, a load of the SDS massive were in attendance including the old skool, Rob and Hudu - great to see them guys! Just had a few drinks, a dance off, a white wall photoshoot and some pecan pie, Warren was stoked! Congraulations to Hannah and Warren Harper too.. I've seen a nice hat for the wedding that i'm gonna rock! Believe!

Sunday we headed over to Wrexham for a mint session at the track there, its amazing, the place shreds, if i could have that set up, with a pro gate in my future back yard, i'll be a happy man.

Always a good laugh with the goldcoast massive we were railing the turns and pinning the jumps, Vinegar Tim snapped his supercross -WTF! And Russ broke his wrist, a gnarly session for sure!

Then we went to crewe, this place is NUTS!! I got the 3rd and last straight down after a bit of a slow start.. I was goosed and to be honest pretty intimidated! But after a while i got into the steep take offs and equally steep landings and started having fun, it was super wet there though, so after a few laps i'd had enough, the lights there are on until 10 - Lucky!

I'll definately be making some trips there again once it dries out, the 1st and 2nd straights are serious! I've never seen anything so wide, steep, long or bad ass on a track, not in the UK anyway We need stuff like this to up our level for when we head to Europe to race, a lot of the stuff in the UK is quite tame, and i'm all for having stuff for riders to get into and use as a starting block, but then we need to progress and i think Crewe have taken it to another level. I can't wait to head back!
Ciao for now!

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