Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Oh Whoopsadasie!

So I couldn't get up this morning, it was raining cats and dogs and i really didn't fancy the ride to the gym, so i scked it off and headed there tonight. Hit the squat rack first which is my normal routine sarted out quite light and worked up in 10k each set of 8, on my last set i was going for 100kg, I loaded the bar, got it on my shoulders and got my ass to the grass.. BAM!!

Next thing i know i split my shorts wide open exposing my ass and my stripy pants to a gym full of meatheads and chicks.. Dang! 

I still hit that PB though, so alls good.. I ain't scared!

I hit the leg press for some sets afterwards as i was seated I wasn't exposing myself, i thought i'd leve the deadlifts out though! I'll have to make up for that shit tomorrow morning now.. Dang.


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