Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Soft Spring Breeze?

Not quite! Just back from Burnham national thought i'd slap a quick post up before my hot chocolate and pro sleep.. 

Was a mint weekend regardless of the gale force arctic winds, sleet, hail and odd bits of rain to keep things interesting, racing was difficult at times, and entirely exhausting, it felt as though your bike had a parachute attached to it down the 1st straight, and then rocket boosters on the 2nd straight!

Racing went well for me and i'm stoked on how things finished up, Saturday 1 2 1 in motos 2 in the semi and 4th in the main, Marco killed it, and cut myself, Scott Waterhouse and Pinnock off, but we weren't far behind the one day specialist, he was on point though for sure!

No Marco in the mix Sunday, meant it was left pretty much wide open.. Making it through the motos okay 2 4 1 and a 7th to 4th in the semi, phew, thought i was out for a minute there! Made the main and was greeted by the wonderful gate 8.. My snap was the best i'd had all weekend and i'd been graced with some pearlers, i pulled from 8 to the inside and was laying in 3rd/4th into the 1st turn a good 2nd straight saw me into turn 2 and on the gas, but preceding me was Scott Waterhouse busting a Tuffy inspired move on race leader Lee Baker, who ate tarmac, followed by 4 more of us! PILE UP!! I got back on my bike, after making sure Tom Palmer hadn't been entirely crushed and rode through to 6th. Scott won it - nice one son!

Tuffy made the elite main and out of the 3 motos finished 4th overall, great rides from him all weekend, no fear!

Lauren did well finishing 2nd day on and 3rd day 2, so money in the bank for her. Steve Taylor my night time road riding buddy railed through for 2nd in 19+ on day 1 and the crash tangled him too and he finished behind me in 7th. On it!

Dave Ives doubled, mint man! Masters need to step up, Dave is fired and inspired!

TJ Baldwin was comedy in the 30-39 cruiser class, shizers! He must pedal twice that of elite and just a little less than Bradley Watts, but he's just ridiculous.

Fun times with the Norwich crew, hanging out in the relentless tent, catching up with a bunch of people and generally feeling the national vibe. Lots of great riding and good moves all over, too many to mention, i'm hyped for the national report!

The only downer for me was that wind, dang!

But it's all gravy, I still have one more day off work! :)

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