Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sometimes the simplest things..

seem really bloody difficult! I took my own stitches out today and have blagged an extra hour in bed tomorrow morning, which i feel like i need, i feel so flat right now!

I had a good turbo session on Tuesday and it was pretty hard going, but i felt good afterwards, intervals are no joke! I busted a couple of core sessions this week too and planned on a night road ride with Steve Taylor tonight, but my hand is causing me some grief, so bailed on him.

I have a tiny piece of skin coming from the wound and i thought i'd just cut it off but FUCK ME!!! it was like a nerve or something, it literally took everything out of me! I feel sick, and i think i might just go to bed! What the heck is it?!

The clips are on the whip, i hope the weather is good enough to get some track time somewhere and maybe some gates to get a feel for thing, who knows, i may feel better off without them, in which case i'll go back to my flats.

Don't hate the player - hate the game!

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Hoppy said...

Clips! Don't do it, it will be the ruin. I ran them once, stuck my road bike clips on for fun. Did some sprints, found i was .5 sec quicker over 40m, have been wrestling with the dilema ever since! They make a difference and i found they have made me a smooth rider, have to concentrate a whole lot more, but you dont want to be stuck at the top of a berm with them on thats for sure, its like having a target painted on your back!!! I only ride mine at nationals, but i still feel like i'm selling out, what can you do??