Saturday, 24 May 2008


Okay, the bags are packed, within the weight allowance set and we're good for the off. Hitting Dave Ives up tomorrow for a pre-China BBQ with the Ivesy family, Flem and the rest of the boys, should be a good laugh. He's built a trampoline bike so flip whips 3's. burgers and salad before heading off to Manchester airport to get our jetlag on towards China. Skipping time zones. It ain't no thing!

I'm really pumped! I also saw the riders list today its pretty low to be honest! I only have 12 in 25-29 male. Including Marco. Sheeeeeeeeet. I'm feeling 2 GB riders with W plates on the return flight home. Red eye.

Anyway, i'll hopefully be able to blog a wee bit whilst i'm away, and keep you filled in. But i'm not certain.

Up, up and away. Believe that. DC trippin' out to China. Love it.

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