Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I'm not sure what is wrong with me right now - I feel different. And not in a good way. I collapsed in the gym on Monday, I had had a long and very good weekend, Dave X White visited and I showed him the sights on NYC, we ate out a few times, Ocean Grill was incredible, we rode my bikes about and toured the West side, the Park, along the River and hit a party vibe up, it was so good to have him up in the place.

Prior to Dave coming I got all metal on friday night and went to see Lamb of God, As I lie Dying and Children of Bodum.. I'm well not metal anymore and didn't feel at ease amongst the tight leather pants, the bad tattoos, the terrifyingly over weight, yet ultra comfortable with my look fat dudes, and the 36 tons of hair. No longer my scene, although the music was tight and metal bands know how to work up a circle pit!

Dave left on sunday and I headed to Highbridge park on the BMX where I rode for almost 4 hours, the pump track and the trails are by no means big, scary or are there that many, but the vibe up there was awesome, i met some super cool dudes, and the yoots were amazing. Going big on 24" framed gary fisher mountain bikes and brakeless k-mart specials, major props! I was just psyched to be on the bike and i felt good, throwing in some moto action and feeling so happy to be on the bike.

It's a pretty sketchy neighbourhood, but it is a community and there is definitely that vibe.

Sunday evening was just amazing. In every way, good food, good company, slumdog (why had I snoozed on that movie - it's big!) and it was just wonderful.. I am zoning.

Monday morning we rose early and I headed ot the gym, I felt on point and I hit a 455lb deadlift for 2, which is a new PB, no straps, no belts, just chalk and bare feet. Then i went to the bench to start my pressing, as i sat down to right in my journal i felt a little sick, i stood up and my legs went from beneath me i went to grab the bench but missed, i hit the floor pretty hard. I got picked up by one of the dudes in there, we're all on the same rota, and there was genuine concern, which made me feel better. I got in a taxi and went home, it was about 6:45 at this point. I laid on my bed and next thing I know is i wake up and its 9:30, I stayed home and rested that day, and i still don't feel right today.

As I still don't have a social i don't have insurance, so I'm in a pickle, I need to get looked at, i'm sure it is just over-exertion, but i'd still like peace of mind. I couldn't even keep up with this old chinese man on his bike this morning, but when I eventually got near that sucker I saw he was one of those electric bikes.

This week = Stop & rest.


leccyt said...

Mate, no good. Hope you're OK!

LOLz at the electric bike comment though, sorry...

NEmerson said...

take it easy young daniel. it aint a race every day mate! speaking of, im off to get a corfeeee.