Saturday, 27 June 2009

I got a little bit lost, but i'm finiding my way again..

Sometimes life throws at you difficult scenarios, and I know in the grand scheme of things, and peoples every day struggles, what I have to deal with is not a big deal. In fact its nothing really, its a little bit of emptiness caused by the loss of something I fell for. I guess those that read this will know that I met someone here and everything happened very fast. A little too fast perhaps? I don't know, I can't put my finger on it, and I suppose I can't really say where it went wrong, but it hurts a lot and I feel like a bit of me fell off.

It's a combination of things, i'm here in this crazy place, with not many connections, and when something occupies your time and thoughts so much, and then suddenly, is cut off, it leaves a void that is difficult to fill. Friends, skype, music (lots of music) my bicycles, the rocks, deadlifts and camaraderie in the gym, walking along the street listening to music thinking of anything except you. That'll fix it I suppose. But it's hard, and when the one thing that made everything else seem so good leaves, its difficult to re-work the balance.

Anyway, I'm getting there.

I am blessed with a family that help me so much, get me through a lot of my worries and offer me clarity in situations where i'd otherwise struggle to see clearly. And friends that offer me an ear to bend, and advise. What said bought it home. Don't worry about the small stuff, and it's all all stuff. Don't sweat it..

This week Warren Harper was all up in NYC's grills riding and colliding with the best of them, we held it down in the surf, on the rock, in the gym, on the mean streets of New York, at the dance hall, at the bar, grabbing mussels and beers, talking about everything like we used to. Although I know I wasn't all there, i'm sorry Bruv, i'm working on it. I was so stoked to have you here and now you've gone, I miss you a little bit.

We took 2 trips out to Long Beach once in the zipcar and once on the train. Highlights came from racing rudeboys off the line, doing donuts in McDonalds car parks, raving it up to the large beats on offer from our popular MP3 devices and just having a good time.

I have never surfed before and Big W taught me the basics before I took it to the wave, I had such an awesome time, and I got a real taste for it, the swell is not massive in Long Beach, but the wave is long and barrels nicely (apparently) I was stabbing in the dark really. I managed a few longish rides and I was absolutely buzzing from it all.

One scary moment on the Thursday where I was so shattered and I got caught in the rip, and pulled towards the rocks, being a n00b i tried to swim against the rip rather than out to sea and get pulled beyond the rocks, but I got spotted by another surfer dude and helped through it - Flip. Hectic.

Tanned though, Yo!

It was just cool to have you here, catch up, watch flight of the conchords, not be in work, laugh and chat rubbish with you man. Can't wait to be home and get things up and running like old times.

It was a treat having you here man, and I hope you took a little bit of NYC home with you.

Next up on the visiting schedule is AT.. Bam! We'll be getting our climb on, rave on, and laugh on i'm sure.

A few random pictures to follow from Big W's stay here, i feel lucky, and getting myself on track again. Love you like a Brother man.

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