Monday, 1 June 2009

No need to be so crabby!

Music is incredibly important to me, it can lift my mood, bring me through something diffcult, allow me to focus on something, silence my thoughts when i need them to be silenced and inspire me in every aspect of my life. I love music and I love to share it with people too.

Today was pretty tough, getting up before 6 to head to the gym, having a hard session in there, then walking to work to endure a tough 12 hour stint working on the worlds most awkward projects.. Music kept me sane and driven today. I left the office just after 8 and i felt pretty flat.. I had my popular mp3 playing device on shuffle and Mistabishi - View From Nowhere came on, i instantly felt released and lifted from my state of mind, the rolling piano, the smooth vocal, the tight snare, its beautiful. And as i strolled to the subway my walk became a bounce and i felt lighter and over it all.

I love Mistabishis deep production, every song on the LP is a smasher, and i never get tired of it.

Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend just gone, taking the Friday off work to head down to Maryland with Kate to go to her old friends wedding in Maryland. She asked if I wanted to travel down with her which I did, an opportunity to have an adventure with her, out of the city, to a new and different place was right up my alley.

On the way we stopped at a liquor store and a waffle house, we never ate there but i thought i'd take the opportunity to take a picture of me, like I was on my way to the Nascar, with a quality American beverage for pure unadulterated drinking pleasure.. All i needed was a wife beater vest, a truck cap soiled with old engine oil and a bag of chewing tabacco and i'd be all set..

The weekend involved the most amazing crab cakes (for which Maryland is famed for), a drinking game or 2, incredible weather, food and drink, wonderful company and meeting a lot of pretty cool people. The English charm worked a treat - Hardly.

The setting was amazing, the parents of the Bride live near Chestertown in Maryland, and right in the heart of Cheapasake Bay (i think) which is just a beautiful place. I was in a total zen like state for the day, listening to the waves break gently on the shore line, the sun coming through the tree canopy and the breeze coming off the water.

Weddings are tough at the best of times, say you know the bride and groom and everyone there, there is so much mingling and running around that its difficult to relax.. So there is me amongst the Brown and Harvard graduates and under-graduates with my HNC from Sheffield College and my English satire.

I had a lot of fun though, met some lovely people, and like I said the do was wonderful, the bride and groom, old friends of Kate's move to NYC this week, so Kate is psyched and I look forward to meeting them in perhaps a more relaxing setting! It was a beautiful day though, and I enjoyed being there. Plus you looked buff!

When we got back to the City I jumped on the whip and headed out to Cunningham to ride the trails, which were running so nice. I had a blast sending it, and it was exactly the perfect ending to a really nice weekend. I also met some cool guys from Spain and Chile that race and they kindly offered their services in driving me to race this coming weekend to Kingston Point. Which i am psyched on! It has been a while since I raced and i'm hungry for it.

I feel pretty strong on the bike, but it' been a while since i gated, so who knows how i'll fare! I think i might race superclass, and there are 2 pro sections so it sounds right up my street!

This week is going to be tough at work, but i'm looking forward to the weekend already, racing, some drinks and fun and frolics.. Oh you know it!

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