Sunday, 5 July 2009

AT & DC All City Baby!

You know how we do - All city!

I had the pleasure of having Warren visit me and literally a couple days after he left AT was all up in NYC's grill with a massive bag, the biggest smile, and an incredibe onward journey just ahead of him. AT left me today to embark on what would be to most people, an impossible excursion, he is sailing from the Port of Portsmouth Maine USA to the Port of Falmouth in the UK.. A month at sea on a 37' boat, with one other guy.. Crazy stuff, and I as well as everyone else will be thinking of them at sea and wishes them the safest of voyages and to return in one piece.

You had fucking better.

It was a pleasure having AT here and it just so happened it was July the 4th, a date Americans get excited about and let off loads of fireworks, to me, it was a day off work, and more time getting loose with my boy.

On friday we had a chilled day and got our climb on in the park, the weather was a treat, so we spent about 4 hours getting into Rat Rock and mingling with the locals, I managed to find out about a new indoor centre opening in Brooklyn which sounds amazing, i'll definitely be getting involved with that. Friday night we headed out and had a few G&Ts in the company of New Jersets finest, Justin forgot his ID so had to go home, leaving me and Alec to throw shapes at bewildered New Jerseyians.. We held it down and the Long island ice tea mashed us up. Proper.

There was some dude walking ahead of us in the subway he wore a massive pink polo, collar popped (of course) White shorts, white socks up to his knees and brown shoes.. I was like. "AT, WTF is that dude wearing" he had an entouage of pretty buff chicks and some other wrong looking characters, he turned and asked, quite rudely if It were him i were referring to, i replied "nah Bruv, i was talking about me mate" there was no one around for miles, but he seemed satisfied. I thought i might get a shin covered chino to the face as i exited the subway, but alas, they had dispersed into the night as if the fine cottons of their polo shirts had simply been whisked away in the breeze.

On Saturday we went to the beach with Ali, Pete and Kevin. It was a treat, we had time in the sea, time on the sand topping up the tan, i made a sand kayak, we had beers from a sock (it's illegal to consume alcohol anywhere in the open here) and just had a nice time, it was so awesome and a perfect way to spend the day.

At night we went to Studio B in Brooklyn to see DJ Hype drop bombs, they had an awesome rooftop bar, we chilled up there and we awaited DJ Hype.. His set was delayed and I was getting more and more tired along with AT, we were both pretty drained, Ali and Pete threw in the towel before Hype, i didn't blame them. There was some big international names on the bill, it was pretty sweet. There were B-boys, ravers, glow stick massive - it was an absolutely eclectic mix!

But Hype was worth the wait, the system blew up, it was so loud! Hype dropped many a banger he opened with this tune, Original sin - Overfiend which I went absolutely mental too - such a dutty riddim! It got like 4 rewinds, the place went off! The whole set was a little jump up, some Brookes Brothers and other less hectic drops, but it was mainly just big dutty ones! I was 'avin' it! It was so hot in there though.

He also dropped this as yet unreleased dubplate, which is just ridiculous.

AT and i left as Hype was closing out, we were beat! We missioned back to NYC on the L and then got some much need rest!

On Sunday we went back to Brooklyn to meet Alecs cousin and his family, they were absolutely wonderful people and we had such a great day in the park, sipping iced coffee, talking, playing volleyball with these dudes that were WAYYYY too serious and beating them. Alecs cousins young son is 10, he is tiny, he joined us for one game and went to serve, AT said he could come closer, and the old dudes were like NO, NO, NOOOO! You must serve behind the line! Mentalist. It was proper funny though as he aced the serve - take that suckas!

We then went out to dinner which was delicous and then ice cream, there was a sign that said we welcome little people, i thought, how sweet, and then as i rounded the corner noticed it was a midget convention - i literally guffawed! It was crazy, and we couldn;t get ice creams as there were so many little people queueing.. Drat.

We hit top of the rock Monday evening for aweosme views over New York then a dark and stormy cocktail in the outdoor bar downstairs, we then had the best Chinese ever back at my old mates place in Chelsea - Always a treat, nothing but love for that joint.

We headed to the Gunks to get our climb on on the Tuesday, but the odds were against us, crazy, crazy weather, a car with a mashed gearbox, big ass spiders, millipedes, traffic jams and 180 mile allowances that we smashed! But we found some good stuff in the overhangs and roofed sections, and it was absolutely beautiful up there. I'll definitely be going back, next time with the sunshine, a crash pad and perhaps a guide book.. It was just cool to be there having an adventure in a beautiful part of NY state.

Someone told me a lifetime of problems await you along the 2 mile rock face, and hundreds of boulder problems too.. Now I have been there, i'd say that sounds about right - Gargantuan.

I think AT had a blast in NYC, i certainly enjoyed having him here, can't wait to get home and get back into the old way of life.. I am getting back on track here and feeling better everyday, but I miss my friends so much, it'll be so awesome to get them all back in one spot and have a good old shindig!

I have also lost my camera - gutted - AT was rolling old school with wind on disposables - mint. Can't wait to see how they came out.. So not many pictures from his visit as yet.


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LOVED IT dude.

Pumped on the next reunion.