Monday, 27 July 2009


Been a little bit since I wrote here, not a great deal has gone down, but things are good. I am excited about a few upcoming things, the rest of the summer, visits from friends and the Smithster hitting NYC - it ain't even ready! I'll try and plan out an unforgettable visit for you.

I'm getting better at riding the fixie, off the brake, getting my skids down but trying to control it better so i don't kill my tyres, I managed 25 miles yesterday in the sun, cold chilling, mad spinning and big grinning! Uphill or downhill, its all breezy!

The ladies love the fixster tip - be-lee that!

I just need a bandana and then I might as well just carry a velvet rope with me so whereever I stop for ice coffee an orderly queue can form for the meet and greet.

If you ain't on a fixed wheel here, you ain't shit.

The trails are running big, BFF Rob Campbell is brutal with a shovel, committed, and a savage trail builder. The line is coming on hot. Looking forward to a big session at the trails next weekend for sure! I might even bus over one night this week and session the spot until the light coming through the trees fails me.

Plastician, as anticipated was insanity. The bass in that place was tight. I could feel every cavity in my body vibrate, some mad VIP remixes, some absolute dubplate smashers! It was big, I went with J-Rod but he gave in to the party early doors, missing the main event. I skanked until early, it was the business!

Not a lot else to report, racing the weekend in New Paltz with The Connect. Psyched to throw some elbows and smash down the gate.

The worlds in Adelaide finished yesterday UK got some good results, a few W1 plates, big up yourselves! The track looked real nice, and there was some crazy racing. Sam Willoughby is a machine. I want his babies., inbetween hob-nobbing with Metalheadz big Dog - Goldie, took a sick shot of Tuffy at Bolehills. Legitimate! Both Photobox user and push rod rider!

I miss the vibe.

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