Tuesday, 21 July 2009

This City was Built On...

Rock and Roll?


Massive bangers thats what! Absolute smashers! Roadblock dubplates! Marcus Intalex absolutely smashed down the place, the set was big, it was involved. I chatted to many people and made some connections, I sipped some red stripe, and one foot skanked to some deep dark D&B, The vibe was nice. I got a little merry, and had a blast.

I got the 1 train back home, and in what felt like a blink, was actually me falling asleep for almost an hour and waking up in The Bronx. No J-Lo on the block either, just a man who had cut the ends off his shoes so they'd fit him.

I was bummed, so i had to go all the way back downtown stood up, for fear of falling asleep again and waking up at South ferry, that'll teach me.

No it won't.

The weekend was a mix of partying it up, American Apparel, dance offs, sending it at the trails, time on the fixie in the park soaking up the rays and feeling fine. I had a blast. We were going to beach it up Friday night, but it rained, so we went to the Lower East Side and held it down. I rode trails all day Saturday and Sunday, sending it high and loving the feeling the transfer line is coming on too, when i get a camera sorted i'll get some snaps.

I'm going Leica baby. I can't wait.

Waterpolo was a disaster, we played this other team that were just ridiculous, kinda took the fun out of it for me, so i got all UFC and heel kicked someone in the face and forearmed slammed some dude in the neck. I was by far the least popular person in the pool. But still, they looked like they had hedge funds and haircuts straight outta 1996. In the locker room afterward an awkward silence fell over the place, and I thought for a moment we'd break out into some West Side Story-esque dance off fight scene. But sadly, (I think due to lack of chainlink fences) this never happened.

I'm going to Yoga tonight - Ha ha. I think it's going to nail me. I'm going into it with an air of caution, and not being cocky as I have respect for those bendy freaks.

Gym is back on track, bikes are my friends, and Plastician will be smashing the block apart on Wednesday - Going to be REE-DICK-YOU-LESS!

WTF is a hedge fund anyway?

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