Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Thoughts of a Fashionista..

Oh my days! I have fallen in love with pushbikes again.. The Bianchi is a treat I tell you! I took the train to the back and beyond of Long Island, where men sit on single carriageway train stations and drink beer from plastic bottles, and other men sell bikes to out-of-towners in laybys.. It was shady, but i didn't care, the bike looked the tits! I got on it and took her for a spin around a car park that resembled an apocalyptic scene from some 1970 action thriller, broken glass, burnt out cars, loose gravel, and a dead racoon.

I couldn't make it up.

It was my maiden voyage on my new dream bike, in what was quite possibly the most hazardous place to ride my first ever fixed gear, but i survived, and i bought it. I brought it back on the train and then rode it up 5th Avenue to central Park in the cool night air, the silence of the bike rolling across the tarmac, the fireflys lighting my way as i nailed it past the Museum of Natural History, a few revellers out for a late night stroll with their loved ones, the night was perfect, the sound of the Commix banging in my ear, the legs going as fast as they'd carry me, i fell in love right there.

I know its very chic and fashionable to have a fixed gear, especially here in NYC, but as long as i leave the OURY grips off it, the deep V sections rims on the shelves at the expensive bicycle boudouirs and the Assos cycling cap at home, i'll not look too much like a bandwagon jumping fashionista. Hopefully anyway.

The weekend was savage, it consisted of heavy metal kareoke with friends and a live band, amazing, a theme park, great weather, hot European girls for company, big scary rollercoasters, a nice lay in, burial and Four Tet and steaming hot coffee, an entire day at the trails with my BFF Rob, we were sending it all over the shop, and we started a new transfer line, so getting back to digging that line next weekend its gonna be amazing. The Hispanic connection came through and later gave me a lift back to Manhattan in their pimped out truck, its madness, they are insane. The system was pumping, Giorgio is all up in my face like CLIFF! And the trance (along with totally inappropriate language) rings through the system, we are on Central Park West, there are children, but the language barrier allows them to remain oblivious, while I look embarressed, afterwards i laughed though, but my goodness, it was loud, and evryone looked at us, like, please.

You know how they roll!

We're racing at Trumbull National on the weekend of the 25-26th of July which i am psyched about, gonna hold down the NBL like it ain't no thing!

I played Waterpolo on Sunday ngith too, which was a treat, got to meet some new people and had a lot of fun even though we got totally slaughtered, the team we played took it very seriously, where as I, well you know. Didn't. I can't take things like that seriosuly. The more competitive the opposition become, the funnier I find it. We are playing for 7 more weeks, some of them i'll have to miss for racing or whatever, but i'm sure they'll do better without me, as I scored an own goal. Nice one.

this week it's all about the climbing, riding the fixie, training, and then Marcus Intalex on Thursday night for the drum and bass mash up - So psyched on that!

Love to the hood.

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