Sunday, 27 September 2009

BMX bikes, the Amish, cheese on your cereal, and second rate race tracks. All available in PA, USA!

I need to practice my gates. It did me no favours this weekend, there is photographic evidence of some of the worst gating in the history of my BMX (short) racing career, and it isn't pretty. My Hispanic connection love to take photographs, its like being followed around by a bunch of BMX racing fanatic paparazzi. CLIFF!! SMILE CLIFF!! I love them though, nothing but good vibes off them all! Guys from Chile, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Peru rolling in the click, talking BMX and making me feel as welcome as possible, good times all the time. Plus they are all fast as Ken, the bastards.

Me and Girogio set off from NYC at 2am saturday morning, it was brutal. Plus he rolls in a 1998 Mitsibishi with suspension full of gummy bears, you hit a pot hole at 55 (he never tok it over 60mph) it just bounces for ages. I felt sea sick as we hit a particularly undulated section of highway.

The drive took just shy of 6 hours with Grandma Giorgio behind the wheel, i was definitely driving us home. But we arrived, Woodward and I was pumped! It's the stuff dreams are made of, i've watched so many videos of this place and had small sex wee's about the park, the trails and the supercross track featured in Transit all those years ago, where one of my favourite riders off time RM59 crashed on the very last jump but still crossed the line first without his bike and took home the 40 grand. Legend, ove that man. He's a state trooper now somewhere I think, so behave, He's hardcore.

But it was all a bit of a let down, dilapidated, worn, and old it looked. It costs upwards of 1000 dollars a week to send your kid here, and its fully booked like 3 summers in advance.. Where does that money go?

The track looked alright, typical Amercan style, flat, no lips, definitely suiting the manualling riders and the pedally types. I thought to myself, it couldn't be better, thats just my style.

The track in the morning light..

Me and Enzo colc chilling, old SX track in the background, like the wave garden in upstate New York. MASSIVE!

We had a few laps praccy, my gates were A W F U L, but I had the track locked on my second run, the first jump was this wierd double thing that kicked you all kinds of funny, so not a nice jump to manual, but had NO backside, so not something worth jumping either, step up and double into turn one, wich felt tight on your tod. Not sure what it'd be ike with 7 other brahs!

2nd straight might as well had nothing on it, it was shocking. 3rd straight was alright double, table, bigish double and a table into last turn, this straight flowed real nice and gave you some boost. Last straight was made out of hexagonal shaped dirt and built by blind monkies.

Did alright in racing, 26 guys in my class 26-34 ex. and as there was so many motos it was a 2 moto transfer sytem, i got a 2, and a 3, so i was safe, got gate 4 in the semi, and had the worst gate of the day (they were all pretty terrible, this one was like your old man giving it a go) dead last into turn one (I could hear the shutters of my Hispanic connection), on the 3rd straight I worked some magic up to 5th, got swooped in last turn and had to settle for 6th. Then it rained.

And rained.

They cancelled the race and said they'd run the mains in the morning, it never stopped raining though, so they did some half ass patch up job and ran the finals at 11am on the sunday morning, even though half of the riders had left aready. I paid $100 for the 2 races (as everyone else had) if they didn't race the finals everyone got a refund, if they did, no one got shit, and they double the points from the 1st national. Great, i thought again.

I can understand why they did it, but no one was happy, and being a national, some people had travelled from Florida, Boston, NYC and other far away lands. So in comparison to them i guess i ought to feel stoked - ha!

So not a wonderful race, the regional at Kingston blew this out of the water!

They put cheese on everything in PA too. in the morning they even offered to put it on my breakfast tray. I had oatmeal on there for christ's sake!

It's an absolutely beautful state though, so fresh and so clean, gorgeous, and the setting of Woodward was just so lush, kind of reminded me a bit of Cheddar, just so much more vast.

Cheap burgers and horse drawn carriage warnings in PA!

An Amish man, on his way to buy a cheap burger, with extra cheese.. Probably.

Sanity was retained with the listening to the Logistic new drop - Crash Bang Wallop. Get involved.

Looks like a spot became available on the Marco Delosola SA BMX Worlds Tour, so got straight on that, so pumped. Now, time to schedule some gate practice..

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