Monday, 21 September 2009

The loves gone from the streets!

No real meaning to the title, just listening to some old Skinnyman magic and one of the tunes I always felt has a nice vocal in the middle.. The streets got bear amounts of love for me!

In fact, I met a guy whilst riding at my spot this weekend, he was a Philippine guy and we got chatting, he was super cool, we'd known eachother but minutes and I basically got his life story, I don't mind, but sometimes, all i want is just to ride, and be left alone. He was alright like, but he divulged lots of personal information that I really didn't need to know, but I listened nonetheless. By the end of it he asked if I were married, i said no, and he told me, someone like you needs to be married. Little does he know eh.

He told me his wifes friend is looking for someone to settle down with. The guy had known me for literally 2 hours and he was organising me a bride - DEEEAMN!

I had fun at the trails though, my BFF Rob Campbell has deserted the place, so I think I might take over the digging there, keep them going through the Winter, and get the new line we spoke about up and running, i'm never happier than when i'm putting the hours in with a shovel in the woods on a cold winters day, its where the magic happens and my thoughts thrive.

I never reached Mary Anne Hobbs, i saved myself for Saturday night, first it was Mias birthday we had a nice surprise dinner for her which was lovely, and although she had a clue, she never knew who was going, or where we were going, so I think it went down well. Some faces were missing though. It was nice, afterwards we headed to some shitty bar on the LES, it was alright, but every tune they dropped was an Autotune monstrosity, and I was ready to smash in some woofers with my Timbos!

It was okay though I left them lot and headed to get mash up to Skream and Benga, it was a TREAT! The system was banging, the tunes were heavy, the crowd was live-o, perfect. I got in at 4, but I had such a sick night.

Shortly after I made this face on a HEAVY drop, the place went mental and he tune got rewound. Repeat 4 times. Sick.

Sunday I met Lisa after her half marathon and had brunch with her friends in Queens, it was a'ight and I met a few of her close friends. I never got out of bed to watch her race though (I had actually promised that I would - whoops) so there was an awkward silence as I arrived, they were blatantly on a hater-cation on the DC! Sheeeeeiiiit.

Never mind. Skream was better.

The famous 5 POINTZ in Queens was close to where we ate, legal spot, many famous mandem on these walls. A sight to behold

I rode the local spot Sunday afternoon with some Bronx yoots, they were sick, and I always vibe off the crazy kids up there, a couple of them were spitting hoy fiya over his friends beat box. It was pure. The trails are alright, but boring after a short while, the Queens spot is much fresher.

Caspa this wednesday for some heavy basslines, but a 70 hour week might make a big mashup difficult.


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