Thursday, 1 October 2009


I found this the other day whilst perusing the boards of D&B Arena, a place where talk of D&B is minimal, yet talk of all things alive on the interwebs runs high. That and talking shit about Skiba MC.. That guy is hated by the heads on there. The Skibatree thread was jokes though. Check it out if you have a little search.

Anyway, whilst on there and laughing at things I really shouldn't have been and learning minimal amounts about up and coming dubplates someone posted this:

I was immediately drawn in, captivated and moved. In so many ways. It is an emotional rollercoaster. I loved so much about it, how at first people treated him with a disdain or awkwardness, to later on, opening up and sharing so much with him.

People are amazing and this is a perfect snapshot of human beings, living together in a tight community and just going about their lives. I found it truly remarkable.

Warren said it inspired him to go out and do something, but not sure what exactly, and I think that sums up how it made me feel. That, and a warmth.

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Andy Young said...

Mate this is sick, saw you post it on the book of faces but forgot to check it!

Gonna steal it for one of my posts for sure ha!