Tuesday, 13 October 2009

No one judges!

It's been an interesting week, plenty of highs the occassional low point, but generally its been big. I had the pleasure of RB.com and Fera Pugh visiting NYC, and staying with me a few days followed by my West Coast Connect Matt and Monnaly.

I got my dates wrong though thinking they were arriving the following week (how typical of me) so sadly work was mad hectic and there wasn't a lot I could do about it. I managed to blag a morning here, and an early finish there to spend time with them, have a massive breakfast and a lazy morning in the sunshine. But every night we got up to something which was a treat. They felt the love of NY.

Fall is here, the leaves are turning that beautiful golden yellow, that deep red, and the wonderful browns, I've always fancied NYC in the fall, so i'm looking forward to watching the park turn its deeper shades and the cooler weather rolling in. I'm welcoming it!

In amongst the usual NYC bits and bobs, i took RB.com to the trails spot in Queens where I actually had the most fun on my bike in a long time, we were popping off shots, sharing the BMX and egging eachother to go bigger and try new stuff, it was legit. RB.com got a bit big for his boots and tweaked it up before smashing himself into the ground chin first. His Warriors t-shirt covered in NYC mud, and all the while I was filming and laughing hard at my fallen comrade. It was beautifully choreographed. His knee went all big and he walked with a true "Gully Swagger".

It's alright though, no one judges.

That evening we headed to Brooklyn to fit in with the hipsters, RB bought himself a hip beer (a pabst) and we all drank massive cans of Modelo A'la Alec Townley.

We had pizza and tried to drop hip conversation topics, including the best hair gel that offers manageable hold, whilst maintaining that out of bed look. The best jeans to wear with your brouges (sockless and loose of course) how many buttons should be popped on your shirt, and how much chest hair is acceptable to show, what we all think to Santigold, Kings of Leon and of course, our favourite bloggers and twitterers.

Of course, my conversation was up there with the hippest of them.

I was all hipped out though, I parted the company of Fera, M&M and Brooklyn and lead RB.com to Palace 88, and Toddla T! We even met him, and took a picture, it made my night. We had a quick chat about Park Hill and he went on his way. I got mash up on rave juice, some drink served in a zip lock bag with ice and a straw, with a glow stick floating in it. Truth.

Toddla was B I G! dropping nuff bombs and I skanked it at the front all night with RB working up nuff sweat but loving every second. Can't wait to get hold of the pictures from RB, but there was a photographer whose site I rinsed alrady, he ain't got a thing on RB though, he went to university for that shit.

RB and myself! Check the gully $7 watches. Matt had one too, we rolled plenty heavy!

Toddla T, skanky skank!

We left the rave at about 3, and Rich had to be up at 5 to go get his flight home - spiders, poor lad. He held it down though and we repped Sheffield hard up in the place!

Was a treat of a week, just wish work had been a little easier on my brain.

Pictures and videos soon! Check RB.com/365 for a taste, i should have some sick fisheye shots tomorrow and hopefully youtube funniness! Media!

Work this week minimal. Brackles friday night, Chuck Ragan at the revival tour this Saturday and a BMX race on Sunday. Lush.

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