Sunday, 18 October 2009

Very well, old friends..

Been a quiet week and a bit of a quiet weekend, people seem to be holing up for the rough weather we've been having.. I like it a bit cooler but it has been pretty lame this week.

I managed the heaviest leg session i have ever had yesterday and I feel like my legs have been run over by a steamroller, but its part of a new routine i'm trying for the next month, so i'm sure it'll get easier with the next one. My squat is going well, i've been a bit lighter over the summer but i tried to go bigger and managed 175kg (385lbs) for 5. I think i might have made some noises, but with the sound of Zero T banging in my ears who knows.

After that i tried to get a new phone but I have 0 credit, so they wanted a massive deposit, nah. So i jogged that on and went for a nice spin on the bike. It was beautiful yesterday.

Saturday evening I met up with Chris and Tracey and headed to Gramercy Theatre to see Chuck Ragan and friends play at the revival tour show, it was awesome.

No Austin Lucas which was a shame as I love him, but Tim Barry and Chuck made it special for me, and Jon Gaunt on the fiddle, unbelievable. I had a blast until I realised I left my keys at home and I was locked out. FML!!

I had to stay at a friends (thank you) and then bought us breakfast at Veselka, one to thank her for putting me up and 2 to cheer me up. Seriously, best breakfast i've ever had bar none. French toast, toast, poached eggs, bacon, sausage and perogis... nom.

After that I headed back uptown and thought I could try and break in via my fire escape, so I gave it a shot.. Successfully! I was stoked as i saved nuff bills ($400 the last time I did this!) and it felt like my life was put in perspective, the rusty, wobbly, vertical fire escape ladders, with no safety cages are a humbling experience. I think i'll burn to death, thanks.

Thank god i left my window open, I didn't fancy remaking that ascent. I'm still a bit wobbly now.

There was a race today but due to the rain it got cancelled, sucks for me. The track looked pretty dope.


Rich said...

175!?? :S

DC said...

yeah man, I'm pretty pumped on it! The bar bent as it came off the rack. Ooust!