Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I typed a really good entry, then IE crashed, and I lost everything. I was gutted, there were some gems in there that I was excied about sharing. I can't be bothered to re-type it all out. IE - stabstabstab!

The last week or so has been wonderful, great weather, back on it in thy\e gym and feeling all the better for being consistent again. Work has been okay and things are just ticking over nicely. Super excited about coming home for Christmas, and its coming up really quick.

I went to see paranormal activity on Friday, it wasn't too hectic a film but one scene really ate me up, I was goosed from it. I'd say check it out, another BIG movie that won't be released here, but looking murky is Harry Brown. My boy Boota is rating, and nobodies slating. Hopefully its still showing when I come for Christmas.

Saturday was a load of junk I was planning on going to Virginia for the NOVA state champs, but couldn't wing it, I'm glad i didn't, the track was apparently mega soft and although the day in itself was a treat the track had been rained on too long and to hard for it to dry in time, and the 7 hour drive would've killed me. I just had a super lazt day with Daniella and the girls up in Harlem which was a treat, and I think my body needed to do nothing for a bit.

This coming weekend there is a race at Kingston Point it has a pretty fly pro-section and the weather is amazing right now, so i'm pumped! Plus its only a 90 minute drive.

I shredded for a few hours on sunday with some digging in the mix too, the cats from the boogie-down-Bronx were up in the place and the session went down. The new set over there is pretty fresh. I got into some beef over digging, eventhough the trails were unrideable and it looked sick after I was done, apparently you need a permit to dig there.. Looks like the hip lineI had planned is off. Gutting. My BFF Rob Campbell has a new spot though and i'm hopefully seeing him next weekend to check it out, he had some pretty epic trails and knows his stuff, it'd be a pleasure to be involved with them.

This week has been pretty chill with hot yoga, training and watching modern family - so, so epic! Literally couldn't breathe at one point. See the trailer here. Good stuff.

Tunes that are getting rinsed right now

Zed Bias and MJ Cole - fly up your banner 2nd tune in. BIIIIIG! MJ Cole is a legend.
Sub Focus - Could This be Real pure uplift!
Tempz - Next Hype (pure uk grime bizness, jokes from Westwood in the beginning)

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