Monday, 9 November 2009

Post no. 200, Better think of something interesting then..

Wow, 200 posts, and it only took me just shy of 3 years to reach. described me as a serial blogger, but I think that this is testament that I am far, far away from serial.

I read somewhere that the blogger stereotype is a boring white person.

Damn. Think I might make the switch to twitter.

This week I've been and shall be rinsing:

Benji B - Deviation
Skream - Stella Sessions
Twin B
Four Tet

<3 <3 <3

I went to see DJ Premier absolute smash up the dance in chinatown on friday night, cue B-boys, b-girls, monster old school rhytms over a monster sound system, he was cutting it up, MC Battles over instrumentals and pure NYC vibes.

It was like save the last dance. Without any of the shit acting.

Saturday I was exhausted, I did a mad heavy leg session on Thursday night and they felt like deadweights, it was nice out though so i took the fixie for a spin. Tuned in to the Twin B 1xtra show. Serious. Grimey UK business. Ate lunch in the park listening to Four Tet and ate a grilled chicken sandwich.

Saturday night I did some work on my road bike getting it ready for the new look, degreased everything and got it all looking bling, just need to polish the frame, lacquer it, and it'll back together. It should look awesome. Bought some Mothers polishing cream which is supposed to be incredible.

Sunday I got up nice and early, ate a breakfast, chatted to a couple mandem on the skype including Rich Eames, serial blogger, BMX ride nation website (which is sick by the way!) owner and overall top geezer, he is new to the world of skype and was loving it, great to see you and talk Rich, wonderful start to my Sunday. I also caught AT for a lengthy catch up, always a pleasure my man. Plus the beard bigger than the hair thing?


I went to ride trails in Cunningham, a little mish on the F train and I was there it was like a spring day up in the 20's, lush. I cleared the leaves and worked on the 4th for about an hour, then about 15 dudes rocked up looking for a good time, all from the Bronx, they were absolute shredders and serious mandem. The session went off. Big laughs, they invited me up to their spot in the Bronx, "anytime you wanna come through, you got it, the names Kasio". Always good to know mandem in the Bronx.


Next weekend are the state championships in Virginia, should be a treat, weather looking good too. Good to be back on the bike, almost feels normal!

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Northern Monkey said...

Hoppy should be at the Virginia race, so more UK bretheren to chat to..!