Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Happy Holidays

Damn, I am exhausted! My Trans-atlantc lifestyle has caught up with me!

I left NYC on the evening of the 21nd evening to head home to the UK, with the time difference I landed 9:30am UK time the following morning. My Mum and Dad collected me from the airport, it was so good to see them both! We headed home talking in the car and catching up, arriving home and in true British tradition "stuck the kettle on". It felt good to be home, even though I haven't lived there for so long it still is home for me, and the comforts of it all, the stocked up fridge, the surviving animals, the warmth all still make me feel warm inside.

I spent the day wrapping presents, making a few phonecalls and catching up with the mandem, letting them know I was home and I was amped up to see them. My Sister arrived home after work and she was going to an old school garage night in Romford, ha. Somethings never change. As much as I'm loving the garage sound right now, I declined the offer and went to a house party with my old Essex crew, it was so good to see them and vibe to some old classic beats, some good food and a few Ian Stokes strength Vodka and pineapples. Treats. Its been so long since I have seen these cats, but what I love about it is that it never feels like I have been away.

On christmas Eve I took a drive up to Lauren Smith in Derby, I took my sister along for company, and she entertained me the entire way describing how she was being grinded the previous night by a 14 year old toothless gypsy in full Nike sweatshirt and pants ensemble, only in Romford. She never fails to make me laugh and she always has a ridiculous story to tell.

We arrived in Derby and Ship hand AT had made the journey down from Wakey too. Lauren lives on a narrow boat on derby canals, like Rosie and Jim in the hit childrens show. But Lauren isn't a 65 year old retiree living out her days on the high seas, she is a 23 year old BMX racer with a zest for life. Amazing. In the years that I have known her, I think its safe to say she has had some of the most interesting living arrangements of anyone I know.

We had a huge pie and chips dinner, shot the breeze and had a lot of fun, but we all had out seperate journeys to make so we said out goodbyes and onwards we went. Thank you for having us Smithster, and keep working on your sea legs!

I drove back to Essex and Will hit me on the hip to let me know the Pattens were having aparty at their Chelmsford Condominium. I had to roll on out to that one - you know it! Steve and Dave Patten roll deep. Deeper than you. I was greeted by them holding a 200 quid 6 litre bottle of wine.

I said deep, yeah? Standard.

I wanted to drive home so I managed to do the night on just a couple of drinks, emotions ran high, dance offs were had, and Chelmsford town got merked by the old Warley fraternity. I have known Will and the rest of the Warley crew for so long, getting on for 12 years almost. We went through a lot together and will always be tight. It was great to see Will and catch up with the others, it had been too long. I drove home to get tucked into bed and await the joys of Christmas Morning.

Christmas went really well, the Fam came together, the food was amazing, there were some great presents a few drinks, some good games and it was a success i think. I had a wonderful day from early on in the morning to late at night, it felt wonderful to be there and have my Fam in high spirits.

Boxing Day morning I woke up mad early (an hour earlier than I needed to as the clock in the room was still rolling British Summertime, mint. I booted it up sheffield in the Nissan Primera, heaviness. I arrived earlier than I had planned so dropped by 5!JR and got a bit emotional for a bit. I had some of the best years of my life living in that place, standardly, great peoples all the way through. I got to Warrens for coffee and it was so good to see my Brother and his beautiful wife Hannah. We had a little catch up, a light bite then we headed out in Warrens Caterham - BAM! It was mad cold and black ice was a risk so we never got a chance to really boot it, but it was still nice to be feeling the wind in my face, breating the crisp Peak District air and taking in everything I had missed for the entire year.

We had a little mash up that nght, Paddy, Moonbay, Joe Wilson, Gordon, RB.com and Fera and Warren were involved, and the place were jumping BIG tunes got dropped in the Forum. Maybe Winehouse was funny, the dorman that kicked me out back in February was still too serious, drinks were mad cheap, galdem were hot, Sheffield has it all. I tells thee.

I do miss it so much. The next day I visited Bolehills and it broke my heart a little bit. It's the happiest place for me to be, in any condition, I could always session there and have it out, it always looked after me and I looked after her. I think about several people and several things every single day, without fail, Bolehills is in there.

I fucking love you.

RB came down and took a couple of "lifestyle" shots, one of them has become my new favourite

mad skills.

www.richardbaybutt.com it even made the coverpage <3
Also, new for 2010, check out this, you know RB will come through on this one.

I had a lovely dinner with Warren and Hannah that evening and it was so good to be with them both and catch up, I always loved training in Warren and my gym, then sitting down to a nice dinner prepared by Hannah, some of my best evenings were spent in their company. We said our goodbyes, and it's never easy, but I know i'll be linking with them again soon, but I miss them so much every day.

I headed back to LDN in record time to get in and have a cuppa with the folks and a chin wag about Sheffield.

The next morning (the 28th) my Dad woke me up at 6am to get ready to roll back out to the airport, it had all happened so quickly. I had breakfast and a cuppa with the folks as is standard procedure and then said goodbye to my Mama, my Dad drove me to the airport and dropped me off, we spoke about his future career plans doing the knowledge to become a black cab driver and then something called a blue badge which allows you to be a tour guide effectively, a "lovely little earner" and a nice way of life by the sounds of it. It isn't an easy thing to be doing, but he has London locked so I know he'll succeed in achieving it.

It was sad saying goodbye to my parents again, but i'll hopefully see them for a little bit either side of the France trip in February.

I'm back in NYC and i'll update this portion later, this has actually been really hard to write. Thanks for reading, I love you.

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