Monday, 7 December 2009

Tis the season!

Damn! It's getting cold up in here! I went for a run on Saturday as it was GRIM, like proper grim. I was running in central park in the rain and wind, just a couple laps of the resevoir and it started booming down with snow. I thought about something Paul Tracey once said to David Ives regarding snow and began to chuckle to myself, but the laughing soon turned to worry as I felt myself getting a bit too cold in my one piece speed kit, utility belt stacked with 16 water bottles and 4 iPods starpped to my right arm, offering me the widest music selection possible for this marathon, but little warmth.

The run was good, and needed. Afterwards I worked on my Ribble frame a bit more, my polishing kit arrives this week (consisting on a $15 B&D drill and a polishing head drill atachment) hopefully i'll get the ribble built back up before I head home for Christmas. I'm thinking it'll look legit.

Good chats, if not short with Big W, The OC and this morning. Some new stuff that RB is working on is mad fresh, gonna look sick in print Bruv! Hopefully catch the one like AT this week too.

Daniella left for Peru on Saturday morning, that sucked, but we had a great evening out wih friends, drinking wine and eating good foods at Freds on Friday, love that place. She'll be back soon enough, and is going to have such an awesome time with family and friends. Honestly, i'm just jealous!

Saturday evening I helped the rest of her roomies MY roomies put the christmas tree up to bad christmas music, cheap red wine and mini cupcakes. Lovely.

Sunday was a treat of a day if not freakin' freezing! I went to the trails in the Heights and had a session, did some digging and then the boys from the Bronx randomly showed up, they're mad cool, we exchanged numbers this time as they ride an indoor park every friday in Jersey thats open til 1am, apparently it has a sweet jump box room, a foam pit and a few bowls, plus a huge street section, i'm hype for the session.

Argenis and Kasio coming through on the celly you heard?!

Peeped a couple of BIG films this weekend, Harry Brwn - HEAVY. HEAVY. HEAVY.
And Law Abiding Citizen, nuff tuff.

Candlelit yoga with Carlitos finished the weekend off beautifully.

Music, been listening a lot to Little Dragon, I know I should't, but it is beautiful and of course, Giles Peterson and Benji B's best of 2009 radio show last night was ridiculous, 2 more still to come, 9 hours in total of the best tunes of '09.

So, nice.

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