Friday, 22 January 2010

The Forecast? Bright and Powdery

Done Know!

Things have been a delight since the last write, work has been okay, training/yoga and riding has been consistent and the weather has been good, so riding all city on the fixie has been fun, i'm not gonna get all like "riding a fixed gear leaves me in a state of zen" because I find all that bollocks, but it does feel lovely to be in amongst it all on a bike that feels so attached to you, I have had many close calls though and I am no longer to talk about my commute to some of my friends as they worry about me. I am the bane of the yellow taxi, and they are the same to me.

Gym has been good and I have been looking at doing new and exciting lifts, one that caught my attention is a lift called a Manmaker. Funny name, but I think it is quite fitting. Here is Rob Orlando, an absolute freak of a man doing manmakers. An excercise I think that will directly improve power output on the bike.

Here is more proof that he is a freak. Albeit a truly inspirational one!


So tonight is my first session of manmakers. See if I can make it home on the bike after these!

Last weekend I went snowboarding with J-Rod, Mia and Carlitos, it was an awesome day with fresh powder (normally unheard of on the East Coast) I should have taken a lesson, but by the end of the day I was getting down the mountain in a fashion, a sort of kamikaze type fashion. I ate it hard sevral times, and the following 2 days it did feel like I had been involved in some horrifying car accident. But I still had an amazing time, and it gave me a taste of snowboarding, soemthing I have always wanted to try and wonder why it took so long

I'm going again this Sunday and i am going to have a lesson for the first half of the day, hopefully that'll set me up to enjoy the 2nd half of the day a bit more and i'll be less likely to kill myself.

France and my trip to Peru loom closer and I am very excited for both.

2 weeks until the move, stress is minimal, I can put my life in 2 boxes + the bikes. Sigh.