Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year, New You?

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful new year spent with loved ones, a mash up, a rave up, a cuddle or laying in bed with the champers and the galdem, I didn't really do any of those things, but I had fun nonetheless. I'll have a belated New Year with the girl a little bit later I think. My New Years was bless, I spent it with the Amigas and some of their family friends, we went to Rosa Mexicana which is somewhere I had heard great things about but never been to, it was a delicous treat! Perhaps the best guacamole I have ever had, a mariatcha band, good company, a few stiff drinks and just a nice time seeing the New Year in cordially.

I got up the next day in good time, not being that mashed up helped with an early rise. The day was beautiful, but I wasn't feeling too hot, I wanted to ice skate but those plans were quashed by my body going tinto these horrible coughing fits! I went out on the Ribble for a bit of fresh air and it felt so good to be back on her, cranking it through the park and feeling fast between sputterings, admitedly though, I didn't have as much stamina as perhaps I once had, I guess that comes down to not really doing cardio for much longer than a couple of hours these days, I plan on building my base up again and hitting the century once the days start to warm up a little more. Right now, I just want to be fit and strong for France, I am SO excited about it, riding tracks, with friends in Le Francais Du Sud Soleil! Beautiful. I booked my tickets yesterday directly flying from here to Nice, in typical DC style I got the dates wrong but its all good, we'll work it out. but it looks like i'll be chilling in Nice a day on my own after the BMX crew return home, sightseeing ahoy!

Rest of the weekend was fun, I checked out Avatar at the 3D imax - absolutely stunning. Loved it. Rode my bike lots, got creative and surprised myself with the results, trained hard, I have so much drive right now. Not sure where it came from, but i'm loving the motivation. Smashed the diner. Standard, and trawled for new music, I found a ton of stuff that I had missed, and was amped on.

Fact maagzine, one of my favourite blogs re-released their top 20 mixes of the year, get on it, I would recommend King Midas Sound, Breakage, Rustie, The xx and MJ Cole, standardly. The new mix released today by Deadboy is depp and dark too. Love Fact Mag.

Back in work now, and its a struggle, but fortunately not too busy, just enough to help the days pass quickly and get me through to the weekend.

I had such a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and it was amazing to see as many people as I did, I wish I could go back and do it all again.

Right now my energies are going into France, moving house in a few weeks and you.

I'll be living in Soho for a few months right on Bleecker which I am excited about, plus its goign to save me a ton of cash, be a 5 minute walk to work, and close to the party vibes. Sheeeeeeet.

No Resolutions other than to keep on with how I have been, but be better at keeping in touch with home. Te Quiero mucho!

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