Thursday, 14 January 2010


Easy! Haven't been all that motivated to write on here, but I have been motivated in other aspects of my life. Things have generally been okay here, some ups and downs, felt a bit lonely on occassion, a lot of people still being away soon after the holidays and things picking up slowly, the severe cold/snow meant I haven't ridden my BMX or caught up with my Latin Connect, just generally missing the warmer weather and the things it offers. I do like the cold though, don't ever get it twisted!

Anyway, training has been going splendidly, and I even managed to get into an olympic lifting class which caused me much pain and suffering, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all the same. Its definitely the perfect excercise, except that its dangerous, and most gyms won't allow you to do it, 1, for safety reasons of yourself and other gym users, and of course, they hate you dropping weights and this lift almost demands that the bar be dropped after completion. So my friend Nicole, who is awesome at o-lift took me along to her gym and I got proper beasted. I come away with a handful of knowledge and a hunger to learn this lift and expand on my other lifts also.

It's the pure explosiveness of this lift that will be perfect for BMX.

Here are some pictures of me having it, nice face, yeah.

The warm up

the lift up

the mash up

In other news the holiday party was splendid until the end that is. A few things went down that I didn't like, but I don't want to think too much about. I managed to lose my phone in a taxi.. BUT i did win a new ipod one of them posh new ones with a camera on them, in a dancing competition that I didn't know I had entered. They dropped many a big tune, as the lady doing the playlist is big into the reggae, bashment, island bangers, so the tunes were heavy, but then salt n' pepa came on. They's here, sal-sal-salt-salt n' pepas here and we're in affect! Its undeniably big, and I went off, so much so they thought it worthy of awarding me with an ipod, what a treat. Free bar and top nosh as well, plus ultra buffness in the place.

Anyway, its friday tomorrow and a long weekend, I am going snowboarding on Monday as its martin luther king day, and the king will have wanted me to do nothing else on my day off. So MLK, this ones out to you man.

Other plans for the weekend include, lifting, INSTRA:MENTAL @ club Love, ohmydayzohmydayz! Rolling heavy with my Amigas to some upper east side party, catching some zeds, and hopefully, just hopefully having a ride/dig of the trails on sunday.. I miss them.

I've missed you.

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DALE said...

wow clart!!!!!

i feel a strongman moustache for you in the future!!!
how are you??