Wednesday, 24 March 2010

crash bang wallop!


The race last weekend was treats, new bike felt super fast, my gates seemed alright considering the last time I really did gates was a few in France, then all the way back in October.. Too little!

I guess the sprints, and new gym program have helped though my legs felt strong out the gate and got up to speed nice and no lactc acid build up, and the track was pretty tame, so after France I AIN'T FEARED! In my class 26-34x i perfected the 3 motos and the main, standard, it wasn't that deep though, so nothing to get too excited about, 11 riders in the class.

In 16-29 pro open payback it was stacked, 385 riders were there on the day, around 45-50 in the pro open class. $1200 up for grabs too.. Damn.

I drew some pretty tough motos, but managed a 4, 3 and a 2nd through to the quarter where i had gate 3 and ended up finishing 2nd, I was stoked. In the semi I blew up, I didn't gate too good and felt the squeeze, I was 5th in the first turn and 5th at the finish so I was out.

Still, stoked to have been racing and feeling alright on the bike. Hopefully some video will emerge.

In other news I broke my thumb again, damn.. A "very unusual" injury sad the hand specialist this morning, and one that will just take a little time to heal, no need for surgery, or cast or the like. Phew.

I broke my Sesamoid, there is a x-ray imagen on this page and a description, this is pretty much exactly like my injuy. I didn't do it doing anything savage on the bike, or lifting in the gym, but breakdancing at a Latin wedding. Eurgh. AT would be proud of this. A fellow B-boy injured in the art of breakdancing whilst intoxicated. Standard.

This week so far training has been solid, a big session Monday, and I am pleased with my gains and form in the bear complex and manmakers, and yesterday on Pier 54 I got some strong sprints, box jumps (onto a Jersey barrier) and some commandos and burpees betweens sets. It was savage. Urban training feels pretty good.

Big love to the Fam!

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