Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hometown Glory


Things are bless right now, training has been super solid, making good progress and my techniques in cleans and overhead press is improving. I managed after 3 heavyish sets of 10 Thrusters to bust out 3 reps at 185lbs. I was super stoked. Its bascially a deadlift, snap the bar up into a clean, a front squat, then exploding up with the bar overhead, it's brutal, but it's gotta be doing me some good.

I managed to get to the trails last night, leaving work early and jumping on the F out to Queens, I met a cool guy at 179st street, totally randomly, and there could be something in the pipeline involving an energy drink that sounds legit, keep 'em locked... The trails session was hot, I don't know whats different but i'm getting my tables way over, i think it could be the wider bars, i don't know, but they feel sick and i'm buzzing off of them. The trails were fast and there was boost to be had, I'm amped on BMX right now.

Trails is Shouting right now.

I headed back and jumped off at 63rd and Lexington and took a ride downtown, towing a taxi for a bit, busting some sprints and pedal wheelies, listening to the classic Commix Call to Mind drop, Be True is an anthem, if you don't know, get to know.

Roska dropped by NYC bringing his box full of UK funky tunes, it popped off. I kept the drinking to a singular beer and danced it up down the front to some massive tunes.

Talking of big tunes DJ Zincs new crackhouse mix is wonderful, get involved. Serious tings. Opener is pure FIYA!

Zinc apr 2010 CrackHouseMix by zinc

Sprints and box jumps tonight with some other bits, its so nice out, Pier 54 is calling!

The race this weekend is a big one, Howell New Jersey Regional, there is $1500 up for grabs in the pro open, all over that shiz. 26-34 will be one of the larger classes of the weekend and i'm shutting it down. Standard!

I'm doing this one for my Fam at Bolehills and the Sheffield Dirt Society, you always got me, and I always got you, the guys that are digging are doing amazing work, and it looks incredible just in 4 days graft. I'm heartbroken I can't be there to be a part of it, i'm looking into cheap flights just so I can and session for a day, thats all I want. Ash clouds or not i'm coming in!

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