Tuesday, 4 May 2010

One of the meanest and the cleanest

Still heavily on a Gang Starr tip, a true wordsmith, poet and a man with the illest flow, no question. You need to be listening and appreciating.   RIP Erryday.

I have been slack, things have been good, just maintaining, work has been intense, but thats alright for now, making me some money for SA which is my main focus, turning down weekend mash ups, raves, dance offs, and late nights, for good food, 8 hours of sleep, and being on my bike, and to be sincere, I wouldn't want it any other way right now. It's funny how all consuming BMX can be, and to think last year I raced and rode barely a handful of times, never again. I promise. It was good to have the year, being here in this crazy place, but now, it all seems relatively normal to me being here.

Just with more yellow, and more heat! Up in the high 80's for the last 2 weeks, spiders!

The regional race was deep, I raced both days and podiumed both with a 3rd on day one, and barely making the semi final on Sunday, went on to grab a 3rd in the Semi and a 2nd in the main, I was stoked! I felt super stiff on Sunday morning, I had gotten out of bed at 5am for 2 days on the trot, and I think it took its toll on me. But I rode well, my gates felt consistent and my first straight was always up there. It's early days yet, and its all preparation.. Just over 10 weeks until South Africa though, and writing that out, is quite daunting.

So not too much to report, training has been solid, and i'm feeling fast on the bike, the trails are getting hit a couple of times a week, keeping me loose. Rode with my man Giorgio last night and we got into a peloton in the central park, a few found it funny, a few looked concerned when we were hanging with them for longer than they expected, all good training, Giorgio proceeded to vomit afterward, too many red bulls and late nights getting the pom pom eh, G?!

Off to Virginia national this weekend NOVA BMX looks like a pretty rad track, and home to one of my old friends and ex-pats Nigel Hopkinson, we'll be staying with him and his incredibly welcoming wife, and their entourage of cats on the Saturday night, firing up the brie in Washington DC and having a good catch up. Should be an awesome weekend, and i'm bringing home the bacon!

My boy Crazy Al Cayne straight out of NYC is the man with the camera at the races, he runs a sick website and also put a cool little interview vid on the tube, spy me from the 3 minute mark, reppin the Queen, and Derby BMX.. Standard.

BMX, Hiphop and comedy, I think its gotta be one of my favourite websites to peruse on the daily!

I went to see a film at the Tribeca film festival, The Birth of Big Air, and it was legit.

 Daniella came with and she was buzzing off it, and my housemate Chris and his girl Tracey were there, along with my old mate Dave and Fab, who is the raddest French woman i know, she used to race BMX and MX in the south of France back in the early 90's pure rads, and always good banter! Afterwards The Condor himself rode for the first time in front of an audience for 3 years, I felt honoured and humbled, he went off, and I was so amped! Crazy Al was up in the place, along with every BMX rider in NYC! The vibe was hot!

I'll be more reg, promito!

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