Friday, 14 May 2010


This week has flown by, I meant to write on Monday which turned into Tuesday and now its Friday, I can't keep up with it.

Things this week have been okay, work had been brutal the Bridge i'm here for is winding down, and its the final push over the next couple of weeks, so a few 60 hour specials may be on the cards, the money is needed though, what with moving home, going to South Africa and taking a week of it unpaid, I need to be putting some money aside.

I move apartment in a couple of weeks, we've looked at just about every area, each offers something different, but really all I want is a nice amount of space and light, we're going to look tomorrow at one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I always wanted to live in Brooklyn and never made it out there, so i'm very excited about what tomorrow could bring, signing a new lease on a sick apartment, with a yard, 8 thousand windows, and right next to the L. Awesome.

I'm sick to the teeth of slimey brokers, false craigslist adverts and downright liars. You go to see a place listed as 2 bedroom, huge apartment, lots of natural light, full chefs kitchen and hardwood floors, you actually get a 1 bed flex 3 shoebox, with a microwave and lino. It's a goose chase. But I am hopeful about this one on Saturday.

Last weekend was the NBL Freedom Nationals in Woodbridge Virginia, and I had a great weekend, not only did I enjoy the track, feel fast, clear headed and confident, I got to hang with all my US BMX brethrens and also my old buddy Hoppy from the UK, I finally got to see him after being here in the US for 15 months, and I finally got to meet his beautiful and lovely wife Christine and their wonderful entourage of animals too! Their dog, Derby, is an absolute beaut, instant vibes on that one, and being in the house with the cats and Derby made me miss home.

I miss Frank and the other boys so much, and it bought it back to me having Derby there with her little wagging tale and soft gaze. One day when I have packed this all in to raise goats and produce goats butter (I saw this the other day in the supermarket, who eats goats butter? And could I have finally found the niche I was looking for?) I can have dogs and a track in my yard, a couple of chickens and a small house with a fire.

I don't ask for much, anyway, I keep digressing.

The race was good, I pulled good moto points each day, getting good gates and a strong forst straight, I felt alert and knew I wasn't pushing it 100%, it's nice to know there is a little reserve left.. In the semi on day 1 pulled a 2nd and into the main I went, I was stoked.

I drew an inside gate and got out well, but you could have thrown a blanket over us all the way down the 1st straight, mad busy. I came out the frst turn and we all went down the 2nd straight inches apart, i stayed in 6th to the line, happy to be in the main, and day 2 awaited.

Again good moto rides, I actually felt better than day 1. In my semi I got gate 8, with some strong guys on the inside of me, I knew i was was going to have to pull hard and get over to stand a chance making the main, I went too early and hit the gate, popped a sick nose manual down the start hill and the race was done. Blast. I was happy with how I rode, just the slightest mistake can cost you. I have time between now and South
Africa to iron out these things. So amped, less than 10 weeks now.

This weekend it's just apartment stuff on the Saturday and a local race, chilled out vibes on Long Island on the Sunday there are some sick trails nearby too!

This tune is just too much! James Blake is the don.

And Terry Green's latest mix is big bad and heavy! Thanks for sharing Brother!

Roni Size last Thursday was just ridiculous, pure ridiculousness. So many big tunes got dropped, old and new, Dyanamite MC smashed it, what a night, what a soundsystem. 1 foot skanking for 3 hours straight!

Anyway, wishing you all a great weekend, much love to Fam.

Soon x

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