Wednesday, 1 September 2010

It's a Bashment Ting

It was Carnival weekend in the UK last week, and by the sounds of it, it was a monster. Check Benji B's Carnival special still on the iplayer for another 4 days, and you can DL from here too. 3 hours of pure vibes, Benji B is the Don.

You can't beat London for music, a breeding ground of new sounds, club nights with line ups like a weekend festival, the biggest selectors, some of the best systems and it just seems no scene can falter. Just expand. I miss many things in the UK, and one of them is definitely the British approach to the club and the music. scene. It can't be matched.

Here's a mix from the mandem at The Heatwave if the sun is out, just play this. Pure summertime vibes.

Off to the NBL Grands tonight a good 12-13 hour drive from NYC to Louisville, Kentucky, should be an absolute roadblock, my back gives me no problems these days, I have been a little more relaxed in the training thing, just going for the good time, and of course, to make the main, and bring home an obnoxiously large trophy that I'll have to disassemble to fit into the Hummer. Yeah. Big.

I should get back Monday at 3am, and its still looking to be in the triple figures for that weekend, so after a little sleep we're going to hit the beach for real!

Load up the cooler!

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