Monday, 11 October 2010

We Can Have It All

Yes Fam!

Biggest tune for me right now.. feel good anthem of the year. No doubt!

All good here, a splendid weekend involving racing my BMX at Pottstown, one of my favorites, short, fast and a super tight rhythm, you need skills here, and pull to boot, and a little bit of balls to dive into that first turn 8 deep. It always gets hairy, but I love it.

No. 21 pulling in round 6 or 7 I think.

They even had some of the local trout come down from Hooters to show the rounds on big boards, just like in motocross. Just minus the glamour.


I had a sick day, never have I done so many full speed race laps in a day, it was a charity event, so a little different on the structure of the race. It was an elimination type affair, I made it down to the last 10 riders out of 36 but my legs were shot! It was basically the last man in the moto got knocked out, in my 10th round it was a 5 man race, I unclipped out of the gate and almost pulled it back on the line, super-x rider Sean Mabin got it by an axle. So I was out! But if I'm honest, the next round would have probably been a pump lap for me.


Afterward Dani, myself, Chris and his girl Tracey hit up Philly for a cheesesteak and some touristy stuff before driving back to Brooklyn, long day, up at 6am and back at 9pm, sheesh. Good times for sure though.

Sunday was kinda chill, had a sweet sleep, cleaned the apartment, made some pretty tasty food and chilled, then went to meet my boy Dave for beers, we had a few and caught up, then I went to Pies and Thighs with a buddy, this place is legit soul-food and definitely going to re-visit this one. Here, I befriended a man who claimed to be the man who "ran this block" a local cocaine dealer and no doubt a bit of a badman. He talked with his mouth full of food and spat it all over me, but he was wasted, and I was scared. so I never said a thing. Very funny, and a little scary, he did give me his card though, and it looked like it had been made on of those machines at the airport.

I then went to play waterpolo, but before I got home i met a man with a pot bellied pig, this thing was enormous, and absolutely beautiful, he was having trouble peeing though, but we still talked for 20 minutes, (the owner and me, not the pig) and it was really funny, made my day, the pig was called Ernest. Brilliant.

We also won waterpolo 6-1. kaboom. Great, great, great day!

Monday blues are a really pale shade, as I got the new essential mix by Netsky keeping me upbeat, good times, get on it!

Much love! Over and Out x x

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