Monday, 6 December 2010

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It's bigger than hip hop (karaoke!)

What a night. The annual Work-Fam and friends get together this year took place at the amazing venue Brooklyn Bowl. We all get together, get festive, get a little tipsy, exchange gifts, and live it up. This year we did things a little different though with some bowling thrown into the mix, and of course, the highlight of the night, hip hop karaoke. Yeah, on the real!

We were eating and bowling hard when in the main room the announcement went up for people to come to the stage and put their names down to perform a song of their choice. I joined the line late and learnt that they were only taking 25 songs, I also learned that there was no autocue - Oh, snap! This was my first taste of hip hop karaoke, but let it be said, the party is filled with knowledgable heads, in there to hear the tunes they love, performed by people they don't... Pressure whuuurr?! My back up singers Nancy and Cass backed out of the line... Never to be seen again.

So when I get to the front I had my song choice a, and 2 backups in case it had been picked already.. But hot damn, no one had taken it.. 93 til infinity, which is, I'm sure you'll agree a stone cold classic from back in the day. And to this day still runs up any party, gets the heads nodding and makes you feel good.

Big tune.

I had 2 choices however, take the 2nd spot which was still open, or take the 26th spot and I'd only go up if someone bailed out.. It had to be the 2nd spot.

The guy that went up first was fire, like really, he had presence, he had flow, he killed it, and I was getting more and more nervous the further into the song he went, the crowd was on a hype thing. Wooooh! Up went the shout "Dan to the stage!", time to man up and get to it. The crowd was awesome, the DJ was on point and the hype man I had on stage as my back up was brilliant, I stumbled a couple of times, basically blowing up an entire verse, but the start, the choruses and the ending were all there and I like to think I did those bits justice, pressure, being a few drinks in and basically just being rubbish threw me off a little. I still got love in the crowd though and from the main man on stage, good times and definitely an experience I'll never forget, it was almost like fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams. Ha.

As I came off stage 2 girls came up and said "that was awesome, but I gotta tell you, you're flys were down!" I almost wet myself I was laughing so hard! Then back to my friends for more of the same, I was buzzing and laughing so much from just how damn typical it all was!

So many highlights from that night, dance offs, reat bowling, delicious food, laughter, my man Dave getting on stage and performing Wu-Tangs Triumph.. That song is not a joke thing! Tough as nails and Dave was all over it. Great stuff! An amazing Jewish dude performing Woo-Hah by Busta Rhymes - so funny, but SO good! It was one of the best nights I've had in a long time, everyone was on it, I didn't really want it to end!

Christian, Bowling and getting his pump on for the galdem

Cass and MC Sivin rehearsing lyrics whuurrr

The man of the hour Ads, smashing it on the lanes.

MC Choi, MC Charly-Loco and MC D-Stroy are here chillin'

You know they gotta be chillin'
Chris and Tracey chillin'

Gift Exchange, disturbing, fascinating, always a good time.

Of course.

Dave used his powers of mind-control to hype the crowd.

MC Ou being inappropriate with his new book.

In the zone reppin' Dilla and Souls of Mixchief the best I can.

Shot by Rob, I like the energy!

Bigging up my support on stage couldn't have done it without them

Someone say pumped?!

Good times. Wish I had done my flies up though.

Sivin Triumphing!
Yes Brooklyn Bowl!
Bok Choi, D-Stroy and Daniella running the party scene hardly!

Cass, Carlitos and Dom loving the vibes!

Basically it was just a banging night. More of the same, please!

The rest of the weekend I trained, did some Christmas shopping, chilled with Dani, ate out a few times, slept off the excesses and reminisced! Next weekend hoping to get upstate and hit the new indoor facility, trying to round up the mandem on this one!

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