Thursday, 27 January 2011

A snowy commute

I awoke this morning to the sound of cars creeping down the block, fresh snow crunching beneath their tires and wheels spinning hopelessly on the unforgiving powder. NYC received almost a foot of snow in places overnight, and the commute was going to be one of 2 things, a slog on the subway, standing amongst 100's of people, on a crammed, overly hot subway car, fighting for a strap, or slogging my way, freely but dangerously on my bike.

I chose the bike, not because I know nothing of fear, but because I can't stand the subway or the feeling of lining the pockets of any mass transit agency. Those same feelings landed me in hot water once when I started fare evading on the London Underground many moons ago and got caught one morning after a hellish commute at Tottenham Court Road by a plain clothes Detective. Fair cop Guv. But up to that point I had saved somewhere in the region of seven million pounds. The Underground was never cheap. So NYC, stop complaining about a $103 unlimited monthly metrocard, you know nothing of a poorly ran, schedule defying, and inexplicably expensive transit system!

The ride in was a lot of fun, some parts were impassable and had to walked, twice was I pitched over the bars (I landed on my feet though - phew) and several billion calories were no doubt burnt. The other wonderful thing about commuting in on a day like today is the roads were a lot emptier, I had the bridge almost completely to myself and I got to see parts of the storm untouched by anyone, and there is nothing like the sight of untouched snow.

deep enough for you?
The top deck had been relatively treated, but mostly not. The view and the emptiness made up for this.

Just relax, pedal slowly and smoothly, and you'll be fine.

I want one of these.
Prince St. Soho, January 27 2011

Prince Street and 6th, close to work. Almost there!

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