Thursday, 3 February 2011

Smiles for Miles

A lot to smile about lately, yesterday was Groundhog Day here in the US, which means either Bill Murray will awake to the same day over and over and over again, or that the Groundhogs of Pennsylvania will have emerged from their holes amid an ice storm, swiftly retreat back in to their burrows of warmth, and Spring will shortly arrive. we can hope.

Also it is but a few weeks until I head out to the South of France and join my BMX brethrens for a week of BMX, laughter and shredding. There is a possibility that AT and myself may venture to and Fera in La Plagne, Rhone de Alpes for a day of shredding on snowbaords too, if everything pans out, it could be a trip of a lifetime. Viva la France!

Work is going well, I have begun a new project, King Abdulah International Airport in Dubai, back on the Revit tip and looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead.

This weekend my boy Rob and myself are heading out to the Poconos for a day of riding the slopes at Camelback, a great resort about 2 hours out of the City, the conditions have been pretty brutal in the City, but it means there ought to be a ton of fresh snow over that way. So we're psyched.

Talking about things being rough in the city, my ride to work yesterday would have gone smoother had I been on ice skates rather than a push bike, never in the 10 years of commuting by bicycle have I ever seen anything like this, the Williamsburg Bridge, most of Brooklyn and less busy passages of Manhattan were covered in a thick, perfectly smooth and ruthless layer of ice. It was chaos, I should have left the bike at home. Freezing rain is no joke.

Madness, ride safe out there!

Other things that made me smile and hopefully could make you smile are the release of 2 incredible albums in the next few days, James Blake's self titled masterpiece (if the snippets I've heard are anything to go by..) and the latest offering from The Streets (who gave away a pretty incredible free mixtape here).. Personal faves are backseat barz, minding my own and cinema barz. I don't care what anyone says, Skinner is a modern day poet, deeply philosophical and not blinkered in anyway, a trap that many musicians fall into.

Why woud I be hungry for a younger year, cos i'm 19 hundred and 78 years younger than the current year.


Also we get ever closer to the release of Jamie XX remix album of the great Gil Scott-Herons


And this beautifully shot, incredibly creative and enjoyable video, taken from The bikesnobs blog.

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

Have an amazing weekend, don't be a stranger..

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