Sunday, 3 April 2011

Virginia Battlefield BMX Nationals

Virginia battlefield national 2011. The weekend was one of the best weekends I've had racing in so long. The weather was sweet, the track was perfectly manicured and smooth , all dirt, all day, perfect. It felt like a BMX track, no Tarmac in sight! The hill was steep, 7 straights, a pro set, tight rhythm and pretty much all downhill, I loved it. The track is also situated next to a mx track and a drag strip, banging! 

Day 1 2 moto transfer ting I pulled 2 2nds a 2 in a semi from hell, I pulled a sweet gate out and a first straight to write home about, this put me in 2 which I held on to, I was pumped. Making mains in the stacked 26-24x class is no mean feat. In the main there was some serious heat in turn 1 where you could have covered us with a pillowcase, I came out clean in 5th, I pulled a move in the last turn on Kris ceech for 4th, so psyched!

Finished up with lance maguire in 1, followed by Parker in 2 and truxell in 3.

Day 2 the wind eased up, we were blessed with 20 degrees extra in the temp department, crystal blue skies and a sweet atmosphere. Practicing gates and hitting sections at sunrise is something I'll never be into though! 2 mornings of 5:30am alarms is a bitch. 

On Sunday I decided to hit up the open class too, on that I perfected motos, the quarter and 2nd in the semi, in the main I wasn't sure to give it the beans or roll as class followed soon after,, but shit, we're here to race so I raced half and cruised half, I pulled a 3rd, sweet and I boosted everything. BMX all day! 

Class was crazy, 2 moto transfer again and 2 2nds had me sitting pretty. Semi I pulled a 3rd, but I was super nervous, it seriously could have been a main, the other semi was a bit of a boat race! So I was so happy to transfer out. Main event time and gate 1 allocation, I hadn't been out of 1 all weekend and people were hating on it, but what you gonna do. Miraculosly, I got one of the gates of the weekend snapping hard and pulling into turn 1, I rode the pack up the turn, cranked hard out in 2, and put in a smooth lap to finish in second place, proper stoked! 

This was my first race with my team the standard army north east squad, and I was so happy to be a part of it and pull 2 results out for them, good times!!

I also did it all on flats. Big in the game!

Nuff pictures to come..

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