Friday, 13 May 2011

On a hype!

Things have been absolutely mad lately, combining a manic work schedule, training schedule, spending time with Daniella and the fam, hitting races and smoking clipsters, I've been on the apartment hunt, which is enough to deflate anyones mojo and leave them feeling like NYC is one big ballbreaker, setting out to weaken your soul and leave you a quivering wreck of a being, defeated by slimeball brokers, real estate fuckwits and the interminable searching of Craigslist..

But alas, we may have struck gold, we'll see tonight, but my location will be slightly further West in the middle of Williamsburg and thus I shall have to look into getting myself some full sleeve tattoos immediately if I'm ever to make any friends in the new spot. The apartment is a 3 bed joint with a decent amount of space, good windows and light and string views of the bridge and building seems great, its a brand new development, has an amazing rooftop with unobstructed views of Manhattan and the Boroughs, and me and my 2 buddies should have a jolly good time in there making it into a home and trying not to kill one another. I hope its a smooth process!

Training has been going well if intermittent but results have been okay, I wrecked last weekend in Central Jersey in my 3rd moto, I was in 2nd and I went down hard after my front tire just blew out, I smashed my hand up pretty good, my hip and completely folded my front wheel. not a good look! It was all good though as I got back up and power wheelied my bike to the finish line, one handed whilst plating the trumbone I picked up from the corner marshall.

SBC all day!
I never made it out of my semi, Chap Powers, my number one Brother on these shores took the 4th spot, I could have put him over the turn, but it was his turn to buy me dinner and the last thing I wanted was for that not to happen! Saturday night we went to Jersey Shore and hung out with Snooki and hit the tanning salon and got my hair gelled up proper nice. Not really, it was a complete shithole full of people who thought that orange skin and slick back hair was acceptable in 2011. Good laugh though.

Sunday was sweet, I perfected out of qualifying and the semi and into the main, my finger was massive and going gray but it was still attached so i am good to go! I got a good gate in the main dove into the inside of turn one and put together a strong lap to finish 3rd. I loved the track, they had really gone all out on it and made it demanding, technical and a HUGE triple into urn one put fear into many of the riders there. France has my back though and taught me not to fear it.

I have a couple of quiet weekends with no racing but tons of stuff to do with the apartment arranging, training and just riding my bike at the trails. I'm kinda looking forward to having a couple weekends off from the intensity!

My good friend Vahndi is coming to the end of his assignment so we went out with the legend that is Dave Easter, a guy I worked with over 10 years ago in the London office, hit some bars then grilled up on his rooftop, here's a couple of snaps from then, good times - We'll miss you Van! Tomorrow we will go deep sea fishing on the high seas for striped seabass and bountiful booty! I ain't even joking sun!

Dave's awful view


The boys

Cheers to you Van!

Good times.

London's finest?

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