Monday, 20 June 2011

On a High

Things are all good right now, I know I haven't updated that much on here, but life is ticking along nicely, looking into a short visit back to the UK in the coming months, a session at Bolehills is to be had as well as catching up with as many of the important people in my life as I can in the short amount of time I'm there.

I want to put a couple shouts out, firstly, to the man like AT for securing a new job up in Aberdeen, making things happen and you deserve the best man, huge congratulations, so absolutely stoked for you. And to Warren and Hannah for buying a house and moving in over this past weekend, much repsect, and congrats to you both too. In other news, the man like Dave "cockmaster" White is engaged to be married and has set a date for late Summer, I'm working on being there for that one, big in the game. Congatulations to you too my man. Nuff love.

Here, everything is swell, the apartment is going well,  NYC summer vibes are in full affect, hitting the some festivals, the beach, the races, keeping up with training and enjoying myself and keeping safe. This past weekend was Govenor's Ball out on Govenor's Island, a big 1 day festival, things got loose, some dance offs were had and I got a little loose and completely burnt. I'll never learn. Here's a picture from the weekend which I'm stoked on!

In the next few weeks there are some sweet thigns coming up, some big races including my numero uno, South park, also Mala, Flying Lotus, Four Tet, and SBTRKT performing in the City, and talking of which his new album drops very shortly, on his website you can stream it in it's entirety, it's wonderful.

Have this one for now too, live from Abbey Road. Amazing.

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