Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Dock

The Dock by DC4416
The Dock a photo by DC4416 on Flickr.

This past weekend I headed to the Poconos with some of the best people on Earth, it was beautiful, exciting and so much fun.

after a stressful (always!) escape from the City on a Friday rush hour we headed to Amy's beautiful lake house ion the Pocono mountains, stopping off at New Jerseys number 1 diner along the route and then getting straight into the lake upon arrival, night swimming vibes! Jumping into water has an instantaneous positive effect on me, the intense week of training, working, and day to day stresses just washed away.

On the Saturday we rose at 7am to hit the lake and go for an early morning dip and water ski, there is nothing like jumping into a warm freshwater lake on a summers morning just hours after the sun has risen. So serene. We spent an hour out on the lake before coming back in and preparing breakfast, and lunch for the day, Teamwork!

We headed out to the Delaware river and picked up canoes for our group, 7 canoes in total, full of food, drink, and happy people, ready for some paddling! We paddled the 10 mile stretch with vigor and ease, we jumped from high rocks into the bottomless river, we beached up for lunch and drinks, we dove off the boat into beautifully clean, freshwater, you couldn't ask for anything better, it was amazing. Many water fights broke out along the way, many "man overboard cries" and many many happy faces, it was incredible.

Afterwards we headed back to the lake for more water and speedboats, and an amazing dinner prepared by Javier, an incredible, delicious paella served with warm fresh bread and a Carlos Sangria, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! After dinner we all headed out on to the dock to look at the stars, I could have laid there all night, we witnessed shooting star after shooting star as 2 meteor showers passed by Earth that night. Indescribable.

On Sunday, another 6am rise a morning dip in the water to wake up and then back on the road to the Lehigh river for 4 hours of white water rafting. The grade was pretty chilled but being my first time I was just psyched to be there and experiencing it, and there were a couple of pretty scary moments too! So much fun, lots of crazy rapids, and I definitely got a taste for it!

2 rivers, 1 lake, and a million smiles, what a weekend.

I really didn't want it to end, but it had to, and back to the City we all came.

One of the best weekends I have had since moving here to the US, it was just incredible, every second. The people that were on the trip, and the amazing Amy, who allowed us into her home and is perhaps the most hospitable person I have ever met. Thank you!

Now, let's gets booked onto that grade 4 white water before the summer is out!

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