Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Appalachian Trail overlooking Culver Lake

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to my friends place out in the Pocono Mountains (quite how I haven't outstayed my welcome is beyond me!). My good friend Amy has a beautiful house right on Lake Wallenpaupak, its beautiful, peaceful, and so good for the soul being there. It really is one of best places on the Earth.

12 people in total and some of best banter I've had in a long time, swimming in the freezing cold lake, some water skiing, some time warming back up in the hot tub, hot toddies, open fires and a fair amount of drinking, which lead in turn to one of the funniest games of charades I have ever played. Some absolute genius role playing and some less than genius assumptions which lead to some intense belly pain from the laughter. So good. Acting out "shit hits the fan" was my high point, and I think Adam doing "Clay Davis" from the Wire was possibly the best bit of role play I have ever seen. Too funny. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt.

Sunday we rose early, I took a dip in the lake to refresh my senses, a big breakfast with the Fam, and then heading out to the Appalachian Trail. We hiked a total of 10 miles, over some pretty intense terrain, I don't think any of us gave it the respect it deserved and it whooped us pretty badly! No casualties but a few twisted ankles, sore feet and knees. It was incredible up there and some of the vistas were stunning, I just wish we had all prepared a little more for it!

It was my first real hike though, and I loved it. Click the image at the top to go to the flickr page for more.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, Much Love!

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