Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I have been following the #OccupyWallStreet movement and subsequent occupancies that have occurred since September 17th with great interest here in the US. From the moment it began I felt compelled to read, watch and understand what it was they were about, and the goals they had set out. I have learned a great deal about the politics of this Country through channels I have begun to trust in the time I have been here, NPR, Anonymous, The Yes Men, Russia Today, Bloggers, and the Twittersphere, I look at those reports, live and direct from the streets, unedited and raw, then look at the tiny amount of news coverage this movement garners from the mainstream media and see how it is an edited, chopped up and twisted fabrication of reality to make the people on the streets seem like out of control, drug induced conspiracy theorists with no direction.

You can't trust the mainstream media here, you can't trust the newspapers, the news broadcasters or and of the channels that aren't independent from the system.

I remember my Dad making comments about the American media years ago on a family holiday to Florida, how it was all so fake, the presenters tanned, their teeth whitened, their $1000 dollar suits glistening in the studio lights, but not just the fakeness of their appearance, he meant the falseness of the news that they broadcast as well. And that stuck with me. The news outlets here will never broadcast something that could potentially hurt their investors, will never make any of the people that pay them the bank step back and stop depositing those big fat paychecks, would never step on the toes of the corporations that hold the advertisement slots in the ad breaks. It's all vested interest, and it's all bullshit.

I will continue to follow, and support the movement and continue to go down to Wall St. and speak to the protesters, see their message, hear their goals, capture and absorb their ideals and demands, they are truly free and they are the spark that could set the wheels in motion for a big change. I am a cynic, but I also believe in the power of community, and freedom of expression, and this movement is growing far beyond what the naysayers ever said it would. I think it is absolutely brilliant.

Real. Truth.

George Carlin had it right in 2005. People thought he was a loon back then, now look at everything.. Now people do care, George, I like to think you'd be proud of what is going on right now.

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