Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Taking one for the Team.

Haven't posted in a while, I have been a little bit of a funk as they say. But that's not to say that life isn't going well, been riding lots, racing some, training, spending time with Dani and feel like I have been progressing nicely as far as everything goes. I suppose a little bit of the post France Roadtrip Blues got the better of me!

The videos posted by Joey, RB and all of the different pictures that keep popping up make me feel warm and happy inside. such an amazing trip it was this year.

Life in NY is okay, work has been flat, very tired of the project I have been involved in for the last 18 months, its an exhausting behemoth.

In other news, racing this weekend up in Grippen Park was a treat, didn't lose a lap on Saturday felt face and on point, Sunday was a train wreck though. Dropping a chain in the first turn in practice saw me high side the bike and go face first and fist first into a roller, cue damaged ligaments in my left wrist and a hand that looks like a boxing glove. This became a bit of a bane and I couldn't really ride like I wanted to due to lack of grip, but I carried on. There weren't many people there, so I was in both finals, in the Pro Am we were racing for money, I somehow managed the best gate of the day and had a sweet line going into turn 1 that could have paid off great for me, but instead I fancied bonking my front wheel, then violently ejecting myself heel first into 4 riders and the turn.. Cue a fractured heel.

Anyway, there aren't many big races coming up, so its all good. ha.

Have some of this, beautifully arranged, soulful and wonderful music from Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro. Fabulous. Healing Music is ever I heard it.

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