Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Its a BMX extravaganza!

Been riding loads recently and its been awesome, getting on the recovery road rides with my blogspot brother Warren, although i do tend to get carried away and steam up the hills.. I'll always wait for though brother! Last night a few sessioned Mansfield and we had gates, Tuffy and Hibbert my arch rival were in attendance, to be honest, he was looking a little weak, he had me on most gates, but not by much, come Cheddar i think he'll be lagging.. Sorry John, the truth stinks right? Tuffy was pulling hard and jumping with his usual effortless steezo. Milly was pulling for an old git, my TM Rich Camm was there 4Xing it up and looking good, and getting back on it from an injury at Chicksands, blingest man in BMX Mark DingoBMX was in the place and getting the old school snaps down to a tea. Was a good session and i felt 80% of my gates were decent. I actually enjoy gates now, i used to hate them as i was always crappy getting an initial snap.

^^^^Bubba has an awesome gate, awesome rider.

Tonight i hit up Chessy and sessioned with my house mate Ally and Tuffy again, who was attempting to double in from the first roller on the 1st straight into the double and double out to the 4th roller.. no shit, this line is huge and Tuffy is on point right now, he ain't skeeeeeered!! Good session again tonight, legs feel tired but i'm happy!

Tomorrow night gates and sessions at the Bolehills, be there! Support grass roots BMX!

MK this weekend, i'm hoping for good weather as the Hayes vibe was sick, the EA crew always throw down a good race, so it should be good.

Time for bed now, ciao for now!

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