Monday, 23 April 2007

MK Super Regional!

Well another weekend, another race - this time it was super-regional, between the South and East Anglia.. Being from the Midlands region i was the odd one out, (among a few others..) So i was taken under the wing of The Peterborough Club as an honourary member for the day! Almost 300 riders on the day and aghain combined 19+ and Elite class meant there was almost 50 riders to contend with! That meant quarters! Busier than most of the nationals last year!

The track is pretty boring, but it always makes for fast, tight racing, the corners are flat, the jumps are small, but the speed is high, this can only lead to the eventuality of a great deal of crashing, and spectating at MK will always give you a crash here and there - guaranteed!

I had some pretty tough motos by the looks of things and was feeling pretty tired after a big road ride on Saturday, i had one of those days on the bike where it felt as though i didn't have chain on (In the Words of Lance Armstrong) there was no effort and i felt i could go forever. I clocked up more miles than i really should have and come Sundays first few practise laps they were reminding me of the previous days expo!

Anyway racing got underway eventually and i made it through the motos with ease getting 2 2 & 2. Quarter finals rolled round and i pulled an okay one, a few big guns in there in the form of Routeledge, Alan Hill, Richardson, & Mills off the top of my head. I managed a 2 spot and a clear way into the semi final - stoked!

Semi final came about and i was rewarded lane 6 for my efforts, on the outside of me i had Ben Forwood and on the inside in lane 5 i had Chris "mecca bingo" Mapp. I got an okay gate as i had been getting all day but Ben was pulling hard and he had to get across needless to say i got cut-off, i was midpack and struggling for a chance at that important 4th spot, i thought i saw my chance in the final turn went high to rail to try and pass Routeledge, but i got pushed up, that was me done i rolled from there on in and a spot in the B final.

I arrived at MK for 10:30am I was setting up on the gate for my final at 6:30pm.. I was pooped! I got lane 8 too - thanks! I tried down the first straight and then i just jogged it on! II normally don't ever give in, but i really had had enough! So i rolled in for a 7th spot! Still, 15th out of almost 50 was pretty good still.

Thanks to Steve Bodey for the pics - Sick as always!

And a great weekend seeing my peeps, my folks and my girl. Big love!

Also ordered my new 20" iMac.. Awesome! :)

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