Monday, 14 May 2007

Mind over matter.

Well checking the results from Cheddar in 19+ i'm currently sitting at a dismal 18th place. There were 39 riders registered in the class so i'm in the top 50% but I should be much higher, and for the effort I put in over the winter, the amount of riding I did, and the effort I put into sorting my gates at the indoor, I should be making the mains and finishing much higher. I know I am capable of it, i just need to remian focussed, relaxed, positive and aim high!

This past weekend was quite cool Lauren has moved into her new place in Derby and she had a small leaving do on the Friday night, she had about 30 odd people round her house, with a big marquee and a BBQ i supplied some big beats, there was plenty of food and beers, i didn't spend a penny, and Warren and I got slightly mash up. But we were on our best behaviour.

Was a cool night, and I think Lauren was stoked to have loads of friends amongst her and it was a good send off out of Peterborough for her.

Warren and I headed back to my Parents house on saturday morning I had to hook them up with the iBook and get their internet working, I say I had to, what I mean is I palmed it off onto Warren. But he got fed and watered well, so he best not complain! ;) They are well stoked on it though!

I went to check out a van and its looking promising for this week, so the Essy is hitting the scrap heap this week, bye bye baby, baby bye bye. And all being well I'll have my new ride for this weekend!

Saturday night we headed back to Sheffield, I think Warren enjoyed his short visit, and I was glad to have my life coach on board for an insightful journey there and back. We have good talks and he always makes me see the positive things in life.

We are big in self development! haha.

We had a race at Bolehills yesterday and despite the weather I had a lot of fun, the club made some money, the track rode well and i had some good battles with Tuffy, couple of moto wins and a 2nd, straight final pretty much and i got 2nd to Tuffy, he was maching, but I was all over him like a rash! haha.

Bolehills did good out of it, and we are on target for the change up, we have the money, the plan, the permission has been granted, the weather is wet, and its all perfect right about now - Let's get it done!

A fun, varied weekend I'll upload some shots if any come through.

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